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Rataj Family Scholarship

Established in 2015, the Rataj Family Scholarship Fund provides assistance to students enrolled in the University's College of Arts and Sciences. Priority is given to students with a declared major from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. Students receiving a minor from our department may be considered.

Award Details

Size and number awarded vary from year to year. For a guide, awards for AY21-22 were for $3000. Applications due in late May.


Minimum overall GPA of 3.00. Must have completed, by application deadline, at least two courses from the department at the 200-level or higher, with a grade of B or higher. Must have unmet need, as defined by the Financial Aid office.

Application Procedure

Students should first complete Loyola's general application. This allows them to search for specific opportunities they would qualify for. When students select the Rataj Family Endowed Scholarship Fund, they will be asked to provide answers to two supplemental questions addressing their merit for an award.


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