Loyola University Chicago

Mathematics and Statistics


Math Teacher's Circle

The Chicago Math Teachers' Circle is intended to be an opportunity for middle school math teachers to gather and solve problems together. We are part of the national Math Teachers' Circle Network and share their goals and philosophy. In the end our aim is to help teachers with the extremely difficult task of developing their students' problem solving skills. However, we do not focus too directly on what will be done in the classroom. Instead, our aim is simply to give teachers the chance to solve interesting problems together. After all, how can you teach a skill that you don't practice? And besides, solving problems is great fun!

If you are a teacher and this sounds like something you would be interested in, please e-mail chicagomathteacherscircle@gmail.com for more information. Our first meeting is scheduled for March 31, 2015, with Peter Tingley as a facilitator. More details are available on our website: http://gauss.math.luc.edu/mtc/.

TNT: Target New Transitions

Target New Transitions (TNT) is a high school freshmen intervention focused on reducing the nation’s drop out statistics while simultaneously providing meaningful community-based employment for highly qualified college students. TNT offers incoming high school freshmen the academic, social and emotional support they need to matriculate successfully into high school and to realistically envision their future transition to college or productive workforce employment. Additionally, TNT offers highly qualified college students, including Math majors, an opportunity to earn money as they share their time and talents with freshmen in large urban high schools.

As a whole, TNT empowers both sets of students through homework support and the meaningful relationships that are created during Saturday morning study sessions over the course of an academic year. Check out their website at luc.edu/tnt.