Loyola University Chicago

Mathematics and Statistics

STAT 403: SAS Programming and Applied Statistics

Course Details
Credit Hours: 3
Prerequisites: Some background in basic statistical methods or biostatistics, or permission of instructor.
Description:  This course provides an introduction to SAS programming in the context of practical problems taken from applied statistics; reviews the basic statistical methods covered in an introductory and an intermediate methods course; gives students the tools to perform the analysis of the corresponding data using the SAS programming language. Programming topics are extensive data-set manipulations, inputting from raw data and external files, subsetting, working with single and multidimensional arrays, SAS functions, basic macros. Procedures include MEANS, FREQ, GLM, PLOT, REG, UNIVARIATE, IML, LOGISTIC, MIXED, NLIN, NLMIXED. Statistical topics include t-tests, simple and multiple, linear, logistic and nonlinear regression, ANOVA and ANOCOV, multivariate methods, categorical analysis, repeated measures. Students will develop expertise using the SAS computer package, although no previous programming experience will be assumed.