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Mathematics and Statistics

Wolfram Mathematica

 Mathematica is the world’s most powerful global computing environment. Ideal for use in engineering, mathematics, finance, physics, chemistry, biology, and a wide range of other fields, it makes possible a new level of automation in algorithmic computation, interactive manipulation, and dynamic presentation–as well as a whole new way of interacting with the world of data.

In order to obtain Mathematica 10 for Loyola Faculty and Students, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Wolfram User Portal and register with a valid Loyola email address (@luc.edu).
  2. This will create an automated email which requires a response to validate the portal account.
  3. Once you have validated your Wolfram Portal Account, login and complete the Wolfram Activation Key Request Form.
  4. Complete the form with all required information including your name, email and department. Select a product and platform and click Submit.
  5. Upon completion of the form, your personalized Activation Key will be presented in order to activate the full application license.

That's it! Novices may explore the official Wolfram documentation and demos here, all organized by category. Another useful resource is the free Tutorial Collection, which can be found here.