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Mathematics Careers Rank Top 4 in Best Jobs List

Mathematics Careers Rank Top 4 in Best Jobs List

Students around the country majoring in the mathematical sciences have gained assurance that they are heading down the right road. A recent report(*) from CareerCast put mathematics careers in the top four spots for the best jobs for 2014.

1. Mathematician

2. Tenured Professor

3. Statistician

4. Actuary

Rankings are based on career outlook, salary, and work environment among other characteristics. With mathematician leading the list and statistician coming in third, students can feel confident that majoring in mathematics or statistics is a wise choice. Outlook is positive for the STEM fields more broadly (science, technology, engineering, and math) with 9 out of the top 10 jobs being awarded to these categories, and 21 of the top 25.  

Mathematics jobs are often low stress, high paid, and have the added bonus of keeping the mind engaged in a challenging yet fascinating subject. The first three jobs made massive jumps up the list compared to the previous year. Mathematician moved up 17 spots! According to CNBC's Cindy Perman, "the reason is because the Bureau of Labor Statistics just updated their database to include more recent statistics and projections through 2022." Hence, mathematics jobs are expected to continue to have positive outlook in the future. 

Things are looking up for math and stat college grads. Loyola students wishing to discuss career options are encouraged to speak to their faculty advisers. For those looking for a low stress, rewarding environment, consider a career in mathematics!


(*) For the full list of the best jobs for 2014, see: Ranking 200 Jobs from Best to Worst.