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Math and Literature Contest 2018

Math and Literature Contest 2018


Contest: Literature and Mathematics
Voltaire’s Micromegas

Math and Literature Contest 2018(Flyer, pdf file)

Topic: Response to Voltaire’s Micromegas

Prize(s): Impressive award certificate, suitable for citing in your curriculum vita, application for university studies, posting on your refrigerator door.

Criteria: Original, thoughtful, and creative response to or analysis of Voltaire's Micromegas, focusing on the mathematical or philosophical metaphors.


  • Any genre is acceptable, including an essay, poem, visual creation, fictional extension of Micromegas, or mathematical exposition. Submissions should be five pages or fewer

  • Contest submissions may be in English or French. Judges are fluent in mathematics.

  • This contest is open to the public.

  • If you wish to submit an entry by a team of people, that is fine. Just make that clear.

  • We will probably award prize(s) in categories of contestants. Therefore, please include a brief description of your mathematical education, e.g., "Completed one year of calculus,” "Mrs. Morton's 6th grade class." If your contest entry uses rather advanced literary/historical analysis please indicate your background such as “I teach AP French literature.”

Deadline: November 5, 2018

Contest Winner: Mark C. Fedota, alumnus of Loyola University Chicago - AB '66 in English Literature and Economics. He is a graduate of Georgetown Law School. Mr. Fedota is a prominent trial laywer, now in semi-retirement.

Winning Essay: Math and Literature Contest 2018 - winning essay

Source for text of Micromegas: