Loyola University Chicago

Mathematics and Statistics

AY 20-21

  • Congratulations to 2021 Graduates!

    At the close of this most difficult academic year, the Department of Mathematics and Statistics wishes to recognize all of our COVID-19 students' outstanding achievements—not to mention perseverance and bravery—especially our graduates. Congrats!
  • Math/Stat Colloquium

    Join us at Zoom link 89406733575 for a Undergraduate Colloquium in Mathematics and Statistics on Roots of Polynomials over Primes
  • 2020 UConn Sports Analytics Symposium

    2020 UConn Sports Analytics Symposium will take place on Saturday, October 10. The symposium is open to anyone with an interest in sports analytics. The registration fee is minimal ($5) to get an accurate count for workshop planing and logistics. The UConn Sports Analytics Symposium (UCSAS) focuses specifically on students (graduate, undergraduate, and high school) who are interested in sports analytics. It is organized by the UConn Statistical Data Science Lab of the Department of Statistics. Click to learn more.
  • M. Vali Siadat's Article Published In Journal

    M. Vali Siadat's article "Omar Khayyam: Geometric Algebra and Cubic Equations" was published in the Math Horizons Journal on September 3, 2020 (co-author: Alana Tholen). M. Vali Siadat is a distinguished professor of mathematics at Loyola University Chicago and City Colleges of Chicago (Richard J. Daley College).Click to learn more.