Loyola University Chicago

Modern Languages and Literatures

Degree Requirements

Requirements for the BA degree in Spanish (30 hours):

Students are required to take or have credit for the following courses:

  • SPAN 250
  • SPAN 251
  • SPAN 270
  • SPAN 271 or SPAN 272

And any six courses at the SPAN 300-level, of which:

  • one of which must be a Latin American topic course
  • one of which must be an Iberian (Spain) topic course 

(10 courses for a total of 30 credit hours)

Requirements for the MA degree in Spanish (30 hours)

Students are required to complete:

  • ten graduate-level courses
  • a two-part comprehensive exam, written and oral
  • or nine graduate-level courses and a Masters thesis

The following exceptions apply, and are dependent upon approval of the Graduate Program Director:

  • students may transfer up to two graduate-level classes (six credit hours) from another institution toward their LUC degree
  • students may take up to two classes (six credit hours) of SPAN 300-level courses, given that the syllabus of each provides graduate level expectations for completing the course
  • students may take up to two LUC graduate seminars (six credit hours) in another department
  • students who have the Graduate Program Director’s permission to write a Masters thesis will complete nine courses, or 27 hours of course work, plus the credit-bearing thesis research course, SPAN 501, for three credit hours (please see the department's Thesis Guidelines)