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Anime Club

Anime Club exposes its members to contemporary Japanese art animation. By doing so, students will not only be aware of the growing cultural import, but will also let members see what kind of societal themes are considered important and what the Japanese media wants to convey to its audience members.

Anime Club shall serve as a visual medium encouraging its participants to take up Asian Studies and its affiliated courses pertaining to Japanese and in general, Asian-based subject areas. Our overall goal is to expand Loyola student's outlook though diversity in a very entertaining and educating way.

By watching anime with Anime Club, members will be able to learn Japanese phrases and other aspects of Japanese culture so that those who are engaged in watching may be able to use it in daily life. Making friends within the club is also not difficult as there are many members who have the same interest of watching anime.

Anime Club will be have many events throughout the semester aside from club meetings in which will allow its members to enjoy Japanese cuisine by going to Japanese restaurants within the city. This would give members a chance to taste authentic Japanese dishes and a chance to hang out with others who are also passionate in anime and Japanese culture.


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Contact: lucanimeclub@gmail.com

Meetings are every week on Tuesday from 6:30-8:30 pm in Cuneo 212.

President: Nicholas Sedlacek, nsedlacek@luc.edu