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Department of Fine and Performing Arts


The Music Program features several performing ensembles for students, both majors and non-majors. Explore choral and instrumental ensemble opportunities below:

Choral Ensembles


Instrumental Ensembles


First, register online for the ensemble of your choice. Placement auditions for music ensembles are held during the first week of each semester. For more information about auditions, click here.

Yes, you can. Simply sign up for the music ensemble of choice when you register for classes.

Chorus, Jazz Ensemble, Orchestra, and Wind Ensemble count for one credit each semester toward the Artistic Knowledge and Experience requirement of the Core Curriculum. Ensembles can be repeated to fulfill the three-credit requirement.


In your first semester, you are limited to 18 credits, so if you have already registered for up to 17, you can still register for an ensemble. Your admissions advisor might balk if you register for 17, let alone 18 credits, so please contact your respective ensemble director and we can help facilitate this addition.

In your second semester, as long as you maintained good grades during your first semester (usually a minimum 3.0 GPA), you can register for up to 18 or sometimes even 19 credits. You will need an override to surpass 18 credits, so contact your respective ensemble director before the semester begins to get the paperwork filled out and submitted.


A student in good standing (usually 3.0 GPA) can register for up to 21 credits per semester with no additional tuition fees. You will need an override to surpass 18 credits, so contact your respective ensemble director before the semester begins.

In general, ensembles are graded principally on participation, which includes attendance and music preparedness. In addition, most courses include a small writing requirement. Contact your respective ensemble director for more details.

If you cannot enroll in an ensemble during the Fall semester, consider joining in the Spring semester—we welcome mid-year enrollees! Depending on the ensemble, you may be required to audition. Please refer to the ensemble auditions page for specific information about Spring enrollment. 

Each ensemble performs one to two concerts per semester. Currently, Jazz Ensemble and Wind Ensemble share concerts, and Chamber Choir, Chorus, and Orchestra share concerts. Schola (Liturgical Choir) sings primarily for masses in Madonna della Strada Chapel.

Most ensembles rehearse in Mundelein Center, either in the Auditorium or in a tenth floor classroom. Concerts take place in Mundelein Center Auditorium and Madonna della Strada Chapel. 

For more information on Music Program concerts, click here

Auditions occur during the first week of each semester. Generally, members of fall ensembles do not need to re-audition in the spring. For most ensembles, auditions are for chair or section placement only and do not affect enrollment. The exception is Jazz Ensemble, due to the nature of the ensemble’s instrumentation.

Usually, auditions involve playing or singing a brief prepared excerpt as well as a scale. In some cases, excerpts will be sent to you prior to auditions. Click here for more audition details.