Loyola University Chicago


Department of Fine and Performing Arts


Name Title Office # Phone/E-mail
Anthony Molinaro, M.M. Director of Music Mundelein 1102 773.508.2824
Kyle Asche Instructor of Guitar Mundelein 174 773.508.8319
Frank Babbitt Instructor of Violin/Viola Mundelein 174 773.508.8649
Steven Betancourt, M.M. Instructor of Organ, Director of Schola Cantorum Mundelein 812 773.508.2195
Cody Bradley Accompanist
Jennifer Budziak, D.M.A. Director of Women's Chorus Mundelein 174 773.508.7510
Scott Burns, M.M. Instructor of Saxophone, Jazz Ensemble Mundelein 176 773.508.7031
William Cernota Instructor of Cello Mundelein 174 773.508.8290
Susan Chou, D.M. Applied Piano Instructor Mundelein 174 773.508.8331
John Corkill, M.M. Instructor of Percussion, Director of Percussion Ensemble Mundelein 177 773.508.7174
Jon Deitemyer Instructor of Drum Set Mundelein 168 773.508.7178
Lara Driscoll, M.M. Instructor of Piano Mundelein 174 773.508.7530
Jeremiah Frederick, M.M. Instructor of Horn Mundelein 174 773.508.7343
Victor Garcia Instructor of Trumpet Mundelein 174 773.508.7533
Klaus Georg Instructor of Voice Mundelein 174 773.508.7199
Jeffery Hart Operations Manager, Concert Manager 773.508.7516
Kirsten Hedegaard, M.A. Director of Choral and Vocal Activities, Advanced Lecturer Mundelein 1113 773.508.8311
Caitlin Hickey Instructor of Low Brass Mundelein 174 773.508.7197
Colin Holman, Ph.D. Director of Symphony Orchestra Mundelein 177 773.508.7974
Christine Hwang, D.M. Instructor of Piano Mundelein 175 773.508.7434
Haysun Kang, D.M. Associate Professor of Music Mundelein 1112 773.508.8316
Janelle Jansen Lake Instructor of Harp Mundelein 174 773.508.7370
Rev. Charles Jurgensmeier, S.J., D.M.A. Associate Professor of Music Mundelein 1103 773.508.8313
Christopher Laughlin Instructor of Classical Guitar Mundelein 174 773.508.7794
Gustavo Leone, Ph.D. Professor of Music Mundelein 1104 773.508.7512
Frederick Lowe, D.M. Advanced Lecturer in Music Mundelein 1114 773.508.7972
Janice MacDonald Instructor of Flute Mundelein 174 773.508.8712
Michael Scott McBride, D.M. Instructor of Voice, Music Director for Theatre Mundelein 174 773.508.7466
Keith Murphy, D.M.A. Instructor of Theory, Musicianship Lab Mundelein 174 773.508.7535
Andrew Nogal, M.M. Instructor of Oboe Mundelein 174 703.508.8340
Sarah Ponder, M.M. Instructor of Voice Mundelein 174 773.508.8407
Hanna Sterba Instructor of Bassoon Mundelein 174 773.508.8445
Steve Suvada, M.M. Instructor of Guitar, Music Technology Mundelein 175 773.508.7536
Cory Tiffin Instructor of Clarinet Mundelein 174 773.508.7157
Colette Todd, M.M.E. Instructor of Voice
Matt Ulery, M.M. Instructor of Bass and Composition Mundelein 174 773.508.8474
Dr. David Wetzel, D.M.A. Adjunct Professor of Music