Loyola University Chicago


Department of Fine and Performing Arts

Practice Room Access

The Mundelein Center for the Fine and Performing Arts is equipped with music studios on the first floor and practice rooms on the tenth floor. There is a specialized practice room for percussion.  Practice room usage is restricted to currently-enrolled students.



First floor music studios are only available to declared music majors and those enrolled in applied piano and percussion lessons. These rooms are accessible via a designated proximity (prox) card. To request a prox card, please complete and submit this request form. Prox cards must be returned at the end of each semester or a $40.00 replacement fee will be charged to the student.

Tenth floor practice rooms are available to declared music major and minors, and anyone enrolled in a music class. These rooms are accessible via a University ID. 

These spaces are open during regular building hours but not during holidays, academic breaks or between semesters. Availability of music studios and practice rooms is not guaranteed. These spaces may be reserved by the Department of Fine and Performing Arts for specific purposes and will be unavailable for general use during those time frames.


General Usage

Music studios and practice rooms are to be used for musical instrument and voice practice only, they are not to be used as study spaces.  Please limit your use to no more than 90 minutes.  Food is not permitted in these spaces, and drinks should be kept away from the pianos.

Violations of these regulations may result in a suspension or loss of practice room use privileges.

Usage of Specialized Practice Rooms and Studios

Permission may be granted by a faculty or staff member for usage of a specialized practice room or music studio. These rooms are often reserved for classes or lessons but may be open for reservation or made generally available during unused periods.