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Department of Fine and Performing Arts

Liturgical Music Concentration


A Major in Music with a concentration in Liturgical Music prepares students to work as church music directors.  This new concentration provides students the experience of working with pastors, choirs and congregations, building their skills and talents as future musicians and directors.

Conducting a choir or a congregation requires verbal and non-verbal communication skills, musical and liturgical knowledge, and a generosity of spirit—things that aid in leading and engaging others in worship.  This major, while concentrating in the Roman Catholic tradition, will also prepare students for work in other Christian denominations, mainline Protestant and Orthodox, as they will study these different liturgical traditions, as well as their works of liturgical music.

Building upon the solid curricular foundation already established in the Music program, this new major combines the study of liturgical text and song, imagery, melody and rhythm. It is inherently a portrayal of interdisciplinary drawing from both the disciplines of theology and music.


Music Theory (14)
  Course Number Title Credits
  MUSC 144 Music Theory I 3
  MUSC 145 Musicianship Lab 1
  MUSC 244 Music Theory II 3
  MUSC 245 Musicianship Lab II 1
  MUSC 344 Music Theory III 3
Note: MUSC 144 (Music Theory I) and MUSC 145 (Musicianship Lab I), as well as MUSC 244 (Music Theory II) and MUSC 245 (Musicianship Lab II) must be taken concurrently. Students receiving a 3 or 4 on the AP Music Theory Exam are eligible to receive credit for MUSC 144; students receiving a 5 are eligible to receive credit for MUSC 144 and 244. 
Music History (6)
Choose ONE of the following:
  Course Number Title Credits
  MUSC 252 Music History I: Development of Western Music  3
  MUSC 353 Music History II: Golden Age of Western Music 3
Applied Music (6)
  Course Number Title Credits
  MUSC 280A-Z Applied Music (Various Instruments) 1 Each
  MUSC 380A-Z Applied Music Advanced (Various Instruments) 1 Each
Note: It is preferred that students complete Applied Music credits on the same instrument, though multiple instruments are approved on a case-by-case basis.
Ensembles (6)
  Course Number Title Credits
  MUSC 107 University Chorale  1 Each
  MUSC 108 Liturgical Choir (3 Semesters) 1 Each
  MUSC 207 Chamber Choir  1 Each
Note: Students must take 3 credits of MUSC 108 Liturgical Choir and 3 additional credits from any combination of the above.
Liturgical Music Requirements (6)
  Course Number Title Credits
  MUSC 255 Music in Catholic Worship 3
  MUSC 333 Music and Ritual in Catholic Liturgical Life 3
Internship (3) 
  Course Number Title Credits
  MUSC 394 Internship in Music 3
Music Electives (3)
  Course Number Title Credits
  MUSC 260 Conducting 3
  MUSC 185 Jazz Improvisation 3
  MUSC 246 Composition 3
  MUSC 280I Applied Music: Organ (3 semesters if not student's primary instrument) 3
Solo Recital or Capstone Project (1)
  Course Number Title Credits
  MUSC 387 Solo Recital 1
  MUSC 388 Capstone Project 1