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Writing Placement Assessment

Students will benefit from accurate placement in the writing courses that best serve their needs. Placement in the appropriate writing course will better prepare you for success, not only in your writing course, but in all your subsequent courses.

Therefore, it is essential that you read, reflect, and write on your own. Do not consult outside sources, do not seek advice from others, and write your own work. Seeking assistance from others or using outside materials are both forms of academic dishonesty.

More importantly, if you seek assistance and the work does not reflect your own ability, you will likely be placed in a writing course that is too demanding—one that you might not be able to pass.

  • Tools Needed: You will not need anything other than a computer to complete the assessment.
  • Assessment Length: You have up to 2-hours to complete the assessment.
  • Assessment Structure: The assessment consists of two essays, one of which you will use to write a 250- to 500-word response. You can respond regarding whether you agree or disagree with the author’s thesis or claim, or you can respond an alternate position of on the issue the author discusses.

    Your response should be a well-organized essay including:
    • Brief introduction that summarizes the main ideas of the article,
    • Specific thesis statement that presents your position on the ideas in the article,
    • Several supporting paragraphs, and
    • Brief conclusion.
    Include in your support two or three relevant examples from personal experience and observation. You might use knowledge of current events, knowledge from previous courses, or knowledge of relevant books or films to support your thesis. Do not research this topic on the Web or in a library.
  • Cost: The Writing Placement Assessment is free.
  • Before you complete the test: Read the information in the “Before” column to prepare for the test.
  • After you complete the test: Read the information in the “After” column to learn more about your placement.
  • Logging in:
    • Log in to your Loyola Sakai account. Use your Loyola Username (UVID) and password. This is the same username and password that you use to log in to LOCUS and your campus webmail. If you have problems with your username and password please contact the Help Desk at 773.508.4ITS.
    • Click on the WPA course link in Sakai and follow the instructions. (Note: you will not be able to see the instructions once you begin the exam, so you may want to print them out or leave the “Writing Placement Assessment Instructions ” window up during your test).
    • If you still are unable to log in after contacting the IT Help Desk, please contact The Placement Test team at placementtest@luc.edu.
  • Deadline to take test: You must complete your online assessment(s) at least one week before you attend Orientation.
  • Accommodations: To request accommodations for a documented disability, please call: 773.508.3700. For more information and guidelines for verifying disabilities, please visit the Student Accessibility Center website.
  • Other questions: Read our FAQ page. And if you have any further questions, please contact the Placement Assessment Team at placementtest@luc.edu.