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Writing Placement Assessment

Test Information

  • Test Length: Two (2) Hours
  • Test Page Login Attempts Permitted: One (1)
  • Number of Responses to Write: One (1)
  • Length of Response: 500–1200 words

Your essay will be evaluated on how well you:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the article by identifying its central thesis and main supporting points in a summary,
  • Develop a thesis that relates directly to the position the author takes in the article,
  • Support your thesis in an essay that is logically organized, focused and developed with specific examples and illustrations,
  • Connect or contrast your own examples and illustrations to specific ideas and statements from the article, and
  • Demonstrate competency in creating sentences relatively free of grammar and punctuation errors.


If you experience difficulty with completing the assessment, please e-mail placementtest@luc.edu within two (2) hours of entering the testing page.

Copy and paste your response into the e-mail and explain the difficulty you experienced while attempting to submit via Sakai. Do NOT e-mail Sakai directly, as they will be unable to assist you, and will forward your e-mail to the testing address listed above.

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