Loyola University Chicago

Department of Physics

Minutes for the University of Guelph Meeting of the Committee on International Education

Members present: E. Chesick, C. Chow, J. Drenchko, E. Finn (Chair), J. Fitzgibbons, H. Manos

Members Excused: E. Martinez and J. Park

Guests present: L. Adair, G. Aubrecht, K. Cecire, P. Johnson, L. Jossem, G. Ramsey, D. Tamres, X. Luo

The meeting was called to order at 8:34 pm.

Members and friends present introduced themselves, including the members from Guilin, China who had come to make a presentation.

A copy of the Minutes of the Winter Meeting in Kissimmee were distributed and approved with one correction. (Moved: Manos; seconded: Fitzgibbons)

The Chair introduced Lila Adair who gave a short overview of the AAPT's Board Retreat concerning the future directions of the Association. The three main points addressed were:

  1. Need for specific "strategic actions" from each Committee to form AAPT's Mission statement.
  2. Follow up (????)
  3. Representation of minorities.

The Chair then introduced Alex Dickison, AAPT Executive Board Treasurer, who gave a report on the situation with the Fuller Fund. He informed the Committee that there was sufficient funds to support up to five two year memberships for physics teachers from countries on our eligibility list. There was some discussion about a prospective recipient of an award from Cuba and whether or not that person could receive mailings from the US. The Chair would look into the country list to see if Cuba was an included country. CHAIR'S REPORT:

Programs I Committee meeting announcements were made:

  1. AAPT Committees may take care of all business before a national meeting and thus not be required to hold a formal meeting at that time.
  2. Concerning Workshop guidelines and their fees - attendees are expected to do something at the Workshop, preferably something that may be taken home and used in the classroom.
  3. Tutorials are quite different from Workshops and have differing deadlines.
  4. Suggested names for future National Meetings are to be sent to Chairs and then to appropriate Session Chair. Next deadline is August 20.
  5. All the plenary speakers are in place for the San Diego Meeting.
  6. Personnel updating "Careers in Physics" are looking for anyone interested in assisting in the update. Each Department should have received a video copy and a CD. Ask your department head; if no copy available, get her/him to request from AAPT.
  7. On Monday January 8 there will be a general meeting to greet first time AAPT attendees/members.
  8. A Board Member will attend each Committee meeting to report on the Board's Retreat.
  9. The Chair of each Committee is to present an Annual Report by December 1. The report is not to be a detail of Sessions, Workshops, etc. sponsored. The preference is a one page report on where the Committee is "going".
  10. Come to Programs II meeting with nominees for plenary speakers for the Summer Rochester meeting and beyond. The Board is looking for content speakers, not education papers.
  11. The Summer 2002 meeting place has not yet been selected. When available, Committees will be informed.

Announcement of Guelph Sessions:

  1. Invited Session: The "Third Eye" Demonstration (DJ) Tuesday 1 August, 7:00 p.m., to be held in MacKinnon Room 105.
  2. Joint International Conferences Reunion Tuesday 1 August, 4:00-5:00 p.m., to be held in MacKinnon Room 222.

Announcement of the San Diego Sessions:

  1. Sponsored Session [with Astronomy Education Committee] "In the Tracks of Tycho: Astronomy Education in Danish Secondary Schools" Date and time to be set.
  2. Members of the Committee then asked for a Session on "Physics Teaching Around the World", which the International Committee "traditionally" sponsors at each winter meeting. The Chair agreed to talk with the San Diego meeting Chair and request its addition even though Sessions deadline has passed.


Upcoming International Conferences:

  1. GIREP Conference to be held in Barcelona, SPAIN, 27 August - 1 September, 2000. For information see the website www.blues.uab.es/phyteb/index.html. The title of the Conference is "Physics Teacher Education Beyond 2000".
  2. 6th Annual Conference on Optics to be held at the University of Valladolid, SPAIN, 19 - 22 September, 2000. Information on education topics available at rno6.uva.es.
  3. Seminar on Physics Education Research to be held the National University of Litoral, Sante Fe ARGENTINA, 18 - 20 October, 2000. Seminar sponsored by the Facultad de Formacion Docente en Ciencias. The website is unl.edu.ar.
  4. GIREP Conference to be held in Lund, Sweden, 2002.

Reports on past International Conferences:

  1. TURNING THE CHALLENGE INTO OPPORTUNITIES: The historic Mission of Physics Teachers for the Next Millennium. 18-23 August, 1999 in Guilin, CHINA.
  2. "The Preparation of Physics Majors and Physics Teachers in Contemporary Society"; the VII IACPE Meeting, Porto Alegre, BRAZIL, 3-7 July, 2000.

Report of J. Fitzgibbons: A number of Workshops were given by AAPT members, including Len Jossem, Lillian McDermott, Celia Chow, Elizabeth Chesick, John Fitzgibbons, Herb Gottlieb, Ted Halpern, Harry Manos, P. Heron, Simon George, Ruth Howes, Tom Rossing, Paul Wheeler, Patsy Ann Johnson and Gordon Aubrecht; Dr. Aubrecht has been appointed Secretary for the IACPE. The venue for the next IACPE meeting is yet to be decided; Chile and Costa Rica are possibilities. When the date and place is fixed, the Committee will be notified.


Nominees for the Committee:

The Committee requires 3 nominees for next year's Committee to replace the three members whose terms are up. After considerable discussion, members recommended the following persons to serve beginning January 2001:

  • Gordon Ramsey
    • gpr@hep.anl.gov
      • (773) 508-3540
  • Patsy Ann Johnson
    • patsy.johnson@sru.edu
  • Betty Preece

Travel funds to attend International Meetings:

Discussion arose on the desire to find sources for at least partial assistance to cover Members [and Friends] who travel to International Meetings on physics education, especially when they will be presenting a paper or a Workshop. The concept is to have sufficient information early enough to write a proposal to sources such as NSF and The Pew Foundation. Timeliness requires at least 18 months leeway for most funding sources. Future AAPT Meetings:

  • (a) Winter 2001 6 - 11 January in San Diego [jointly with AAS]
  • (b) Summer 2001 21 -25 July in Rochester [at Hyatt, UofR & RIT]
  • (c) Winter 2002 19 - 23 January in Philadelphia [at Marriott]

Committee members are encouraged to suggest, through the Chair, Invited and Contributed Sessions for these meetings. There is nothing presently in the works for Rochester or Philadelphia. Improved contacts with International physics teachers:

Discussion centered around reaching out to physics teacher associations similar to AAPT. Others suggested reaching out to foreign internationals presently in the US as Post-Doctors as well as graduate students, thereby building early links before these people return to their home countries. A suggestion was made that AAPT staff may have access to lists of such persons. The Chair agreed to look into such a list.

A resolution was placed before the Committee by Harry Manos as follows:

The International Education Committee moves that any member of AAPT planning to attend an international meeting on Physics Education may request official delegate status from the President of AAPT. The President of AAPT, with the consent of a majority of the Committee on International Education, may appoint one or more official delegates to such international meetings. The official delegates are obliged to:

  • (a) provide information about AAPT at the meeting as prominently as possible, and
  • (b) present a paper on the meeting at an AAPT meeting within one year of the international meeting.

The motion was then made by Harry Manos and seconded by Joseph Drenchko. All the members of the Committee present voted aye. The Chair was given the task of presenting this resolution to Ruth Howes, AAPT President for her to present to the governing board of AAPT.

On a motion to adjourn made by Joe Drenchko and seconded by Celia Chow. All voted aye and the meeting adjourned at 9:47 p.m.