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Department of Physics


Undergraduate research is a great way for students to deepen their understanding of physics and to become involved in the research community.  We encourage students to work with physics faculty on special undergraduate research projects. Often, this work results in presentations given by the students at various physics meetings on the local and national level. Furthermore, students can use these experiences to secure summer internships and coveted undergraduate research opportunities like REUs.

Recently, Loyola students have presented in a variety of settings:

To apply for undergraduate research, please contact the professor you are interested in working with. All faculty contact information is listed on the webpage. Additionally, please feel free to approach them about their work. Our faculty is more than happy to discuss their research and any potential opportunities available to students.

Loyola undergraduate research opportunities program

Several scholarship awards exist for Loyola students to be sponsored for their work. The Loyola Mulcahy Scholarship Program offers students a chance for independent study and research. "The Mulcahy Scholars Program seeks to foster one-on-one mentoring relationships in which the student works closely with the faculty member on a project of scholarly significance." Just as the Mulcahy Award supports student research during the academic year, the Provost Fellowship funds student research during the summer. “At the heart of the Provost Fellowship experience is the working relationship between the Provost Fellow and their faculty mentor.” Both awards are supported by the Loyola Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (LUROP). 

Additional details about LUROP, the Provost Fellowship, and the Mulcahy Scholarship Program can be found at: LUROP information.  Further, LUROP provides information about external research opportunities in a wide variety of fields: http://luc.edu/lurop/Research_Hotlist.shtml