Loyola University Chicago

Department of Physics

BS in Physics with Computer Science

Program Outcomes

Interdisciplinary fields involving science and technology continuously change and present exciting challenges. If you are a student interested in these fields, then a degree in Physics with Computer Science may be just right for you. 

Students who major with a degree in Physics with Computer Science at Loyola University Chicago are well equipped to enter the work force with the tools necessary to tackle problems involved in basic science, technology, or other related interdisciplinary field. In addition to the specific science background, students at Loyola are also prepared with a liberal arts education that emphasizes an understanding in humanities and social sciences. 

The major in Physics with Computer Science at Loyola University Chicago prepares a student to graduate with a strong and basic foundation in physics, mathematics and computer science. Students take lectures and laboratory courses in physics that expose them to the fundamental principles of introductory, intermediate and advanced physics. From the computer science side, students take a number of introductory courses and then choose an array of 300-level courses that fulfill their specific interest in the area. In addition to the physics and computer science courses, students also take a series of mathematics courses.

This major can serve as preparation for graduate study in physics, applied physics, computer science, and some areas of engineering.  It is especially useful for students interested in inter-disciplinary areas, such as: quantum computing, cybersecurity, scientific computing, computational physics, artificial intelligence, and optical communication.  Employment opportunities exist in industry, such as R&D and manufacturing, in academic institutions for research and teaching, and for research in government and private labs.

By completing the Physics with Computer Science degree, students will:

  • Acquire foundational knowledge in the physical sciences
  • Possess an understanding of the mathematics needed to model and solve problems
  • Acquire specific knowledge in the computational sciences
  • Gain an understanding and appreciation of interdisciplinary approach in the physical and computational sciences

Degree Plan for Physics With Computer Science (PCSC)