Loyola University Chicago

Department of Physics

Minor in Physics

Program Outcomes

The minor in Physics is a perfect fit for students interested in science and with aptitude in mathematics, but who do not wish to pursue a career in physics. A minor in physics gives a strong basic background in physics and mathematics that will enhance a career in other areas such as: chemistry, biology, social sciences, computational sciences, humanities, or business. 

Students take the basic lecture and laboratory physics courses with the physics majors, including a participation in the Freshman Projects; they also take the basic mathematics courses.

By completing the Minor in Physics, students will:

  • Acquire foundational knowledge in the physical sciences
  • Possess an understanding of the basic mathematics needed to solve problems
  • Acquire basic skills for analytical thinking and problem solving 
  • Gain an understanding and appreciation of interdisciplinary approach involving physical sciences, mathematics and other disciplines.

Degree plan for Physics Minor