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The science of physics seeks quantitative knowledge about matter, energy, space and time. Physics serves as a foundation for most of engineering and modern technology.

Students of the Loyola University Chicago Department of Physics will learn the principles of physics, contribute to new physical knowledge and seek to foster scientific integrity. These goals are consistent with the mission of Loyola University Chicago: searching for truth and living for others.

We offer BS degrees in Physics, Biophysics, Theoretical Physics/Applied Mathematics and Physics/Computer Science. We also offer a special dual degree, wherein students receive a BS in Physics from Loyola and a bachelor of engineering degree from an affiliated school.

In collaboration with the School of Education, the department also offers a BS/MEd degree that prepares students to teach in high schools. In addition, the department serves a large number of students seeking to satisfy ancillary requirements for other majors, core curriculum requirements, as well as pre-health-professional requirements for medical, dental, and pharmacy schools.

Because of the considerable importance of experimentation and computer proficiency in physics education and research, the department operates sizable laboratory and computer facilities. Please explore the website or contact the department chair for more information about our department.

Loyola Physics Department
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