Loyola University Chicago

Department of Physics

Physics (BS) + Secondary Education (MEd)

This dual-degree program takes fives years to complete, and enables students to earn both the BS and MEd degrees along with the state certification necessary to teach middle- and high-school grades. Numerous job opportunities are available for students interested in becoming science teachers in grades 6–12. In fact, in Illinois the need for science teachers is critical.

The dual-degree program is an appealing option because it offers greater opportunities for advancement and a higher salary base for the graduate than earning certification at the undergraduate level. Since completing both the BS degree and the secondary education certificate typically takes more than four years anyway, undergraduate secondary education students majoring in biology or physics are encouraged to go ahead and continue through the master's program.

Degree Requirements

The student must declare for the program no later than the beginning of junior year. Students must have a GPA of 3.0 or better to be admitted to the program. The student will take nine hours of graduate-level courses between junior and senior years that will apply toward the 128 hours needed for the BS degree.

The student also will complete 30 hours of graduate-level work required for the M.Ed., and take and pass the Illinois State Board of Education Test of Basic Skills and the Content Examination in Biology or Physics. As students progress through this program, they compile a portfolio of their work to be presented at the completion of all coursework.

Degree Plan for Physics (B.S.) + Education (M.Ed.)