Loyola University Chicago

Department of Physics

Research Poster Symposium

At the end of the Spring 2022 semester, the Department of Physics held its inaugural Undergraduate Research Symposium, organized by Dr. Rasha Abbasi. This event provided an opportunity for students to present their research that they have worked on while at Loyola.

Sarah Sukanen and Tim Aguado (Advisor: Polak) 


Grace Bratrud (Advisor: Daniel Bowring, Fermi National Lab)


Kiet Nguyen (Advisor: Tangarife)


Grace Bratrud (Advisor: Abbasi)


Natalie West (Advisor: Cannon)


Kayleigh O'Brien, J Mazich, and H Johnson (Advisor: Abbasi)


Jo Gruchot, Andrew Moy, Will Hayes, and Grace Bratrud (Advisor: Abbasi)


Zachary Long (Advisor: Tangarife)


Tiffany Wanyoike (Advisor: Cannon)