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Minutes for the University of Nebraska meeting of the Committee on International Education

Minutes for the University of Nebraska meeting of the Committee on
International Education
Members Present: Drenchko (Chair), Finn, Moore, Ramsey (past chair)
Guests Present: Adair, Brennan, Chesick, Chow, Fitzgibbons, Gottlieb,
Jossem, Mallow, Preece, Soh, Van Hise
The meeting was called to order at 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday, August 4,

Members and friends present introduced themselves.

The minutes of the January meeting at New Orleans were unanimously


Programs I committee meeting announcements were made:
(1) Money for meetings is tight - AAPT has experienced losses at
workshops. The average loss at New Orleans was $114 per person. Fees
will increase for future meetings. The Chair passed out a new workshop
fee schedule to those interested. Contact Carol Heimpel at AAPT for
details: cheimpel@aapt.org
(2) Meeting formats will also change - times for the exhibitors,
committee meetings and ceremonial sessions will be changed and
integrated into the meeting, causing some overlap. Starting with the
summer, 1999 meeting, the total duration will be cut to five days (two
workshop and three session days), replacing the present 5 1/2 days.
This may eventually be decreased to four total days, with one day of
workshop and session overlap. There may also be a tending toward having
the summer meeting at the end of July. Comments and suggestions for
future meetings are welcome. Contact any member of the executive board
(listed in the Announcer).
(3) August 21st is the deadline for submission of speakers' names for
sessions at the Anaheim meeting in January. Organizers for our
committee sponsored sessions have been notified by e-mail during this
(4) Session forms for future meetings are available on the Web. These
may be submitted directly to AAPT via the Web. If anyone desires
committee sponsorship, a copy should be mailed to the Chair, Joe

Status of continuing projects
(1) Contacts Around the World project - (old business)
(2) Ideas for standing and future sessions (new business)
(3) Web page-logistics for committee page (new business)
REPORT on Univ. of Nebraska Session:

Betty Preece: Cracker Barrel on International contacts (about 10
attendees) - The session was productive in helping AAPT members to
establish new contacts worldwide. International meetings and projects
were also announced and discussed. The attendees felt that this Cracker
Barrel should continue at future meetings.


L. Jossem - Len reported on the International Teachers Conference in
June at Moscow State University.

J. Fitzgibbons - announced that three nominees were submitted for the
complementary AAPT membership from the Fuller fund. There is funding
available for 13 selectees. More nominees are being solicited.
Information and forms available on our website,
http://physics.unl.edu/cie also reachable from the AAPT site-
http://www.aapt.org The AAPT treasurer administers the fund. All
nominations should be submitted to the treasurer for consideration. The
selection is done randomly from the list of eligible candidates. The
selectees must then notify AAPT of their acceptance.

H. Gottlieb announced that the Association of Physics Teachers in India
planned an international conference in Behar, 20-22 Oct 1998, but the
announcement was just released, virtually too late for American

C. Chow announced that the Citizens Ambassador Program was planning a
trip to China in June 1999. The participants must pay expenses.

Upcoming international conferences:

(1) The "Hands On Experiments..." conference will be held in Duisburg,
Germany from 23-28 August 1998.
(2) The IV International Teachers of Physics conference will be held in
Sacramento, Uruguay from 21-26 September 1998. For information, see:
(3) "New Technologies in Physics Education", Heifei, China, 19-22
October, 1998
(4) XI International Conference of Women Engineers and Scientists,
Tokyo, Japan, summer, 1999. Contact Betty Preece for details.
(5) Third World Organization for Women in Science, Capetown, South
Africa, 8-11 Feb 1999. Preliminary registration is due by 31 Aug 1998.
For information, contact the International Center for Theoretical
Physics in Trieste, IT at: twows@ictp.trieste.it
Potential plenary speakers for AAPT meetings:

Suggestions for international plenary and evening session speakers at
future AAPT meetings can be teaching or research oriented, if the topic
is of suitable interest to the general membership. Various members have
submitted names for possible future AAPT meetings. The following names
have been submitted to the executive board for future consideration.
(Thanks to: M. Alonso, J. Fitzgibbons, H. Manos and A. Menard).
George Marx - Eotvos University, Hungary
Archie Fox - Scotland
Brian Woolnaugh - Oxford Science Teaching Center
Svein Sjoberg - University of Oslo
Eduardo Posada - International Center for Theoretical Physics,
Walter Stuhrner - Max Planck Institute (Experimental Medicine)
Lenart Samulson - Sweden
It is strongly suggested that if any of these scientists visit the US,
that the nominators contact them for possible participation at the AAPT
meeting as a plenary speaker. This can then be forwarded to the
Programs Committee for consideration.
"Contacts Around the World" project - G. Ramsey solicited ideas for the
continuing project, whereby committee members are assigned a region of
the world to solicit information on international meetings and
projects, which can be disseminated via the Announcer and by e-mail. E.
Finn volunteered for South America and the Caribbean islands. C. Moore,
our Web coordinator, will place this on the Web page, with the e-mail
address to contact with information (G. Ramsey): gpr@hep.anl.gov
An e-mail reminder will be sent out to members and friends, requesting
this type of information.

Web Page/logistics:

Our Web master, C. Moore, will soon be moving to Wisconsin and has
requested that AAPT physically house the site, while it will still be
maintained by the International Committee. Warren Hein of the AAPT
executive office was contacted. He expressed the concern that the AAPT
staff would be tasked to maintain and update the sites if they were
located at the AAPT headquarters (at least by default). The dialog with
AAPT will continue to establish guidelines for locating committee sites
at AAPT and establishing responsibilities for maintaining the sites
from remote locations by committee members. It is likely that this
topic will have to be considered by the Executive Committee.

Items, which we have posted on our committee site, include: the
committee mission statement, committee member list, international
meeting list, former committee meeting minutes and Fuller Fund
Future meetings:

AAPT Winter meeting in Anaheim, 9-14 January, 1999:
1. Sponsored sessions: Highlights of international conferences in 1998
- H. Manos, organizer
2. Note: Abstract deadline is September 4 for both invited and
contributed papers.

Joint APS/AAPT meeting in Atlanta, GA, 20-26 March 1999: (APS
Centennial). This is the last planned joint meeting with the APS.
Presently, there are no proposed sessions to be sponsored by our
committee at this joint meeting.
Abstract deadline for papers is December 4, 1998.

AAPT Summer meeting in San Antonio (Trinity University), 2-7
August, 1999:
1. Sponsored session: Reception - This is intended for international
and local visitors, who do not normally attend AAPT meetings, to meet
members and AAPT staff.
2. Session deadline: October 15, 1998.

Other upcoming AAPT meetings:
1. Winter- 15-19 January 2000: Kissimmee, FL
2. Summer- 29 July - 2 August 2000: Guelph, Ontario, Canada
3. Winter- January 2001: San Diego, CA (with Astronomical Society)
Nominations for new members of the committee:

The chair maintains the nomination list and has forms for submission to
the Nomi nation Committee. Anyone wishing to nominate AAPT members for
committee membership may contact the chair at:
Other new business:

1. (J. Fitzgibbons). Information on IACPE meetings (past and future) is
available on the IACPE website-
http://www.cabbat1.cnea.edu.ar/iacpe/iacpei.htm (English version).
The next IACPE meeting is scheduled for Brazil in the year 2000.

2. (L. Jossem). There is an international newsletter o n physics
education available from its editor, J. Redish (University of
Maryland). To subscribe (free) send an e-mail message to him at:

There are other physics education articles on the Web at URL:
Adding icpe to the above URL, will allow Web access to the newsletter.
Questions may be referred to Len Jossem at: jossem@mps.ohio-state.edu

The meeting was adjourned at 9:10 p.m.
Submitted by G. Ramsey