Loyola University Chicago

Department of Physics

Walter Tangarife, Ph.D.

Office: 309 Cudahy Science Building
Phone: 773.508.7723
Fax: 773.508.3534
E-mail: wtangarife@luc.edu

Joined Loyola in 2018.


  • Ph.D. in Physics, The University of Texas at Austin
  • B.S. In Physics, La Universidad de Antioquia


College Physics I


Particle Theory, including:
Dark matter and hidden sectors in particle physics. 
Gauge mediation and phenomenology of supersymmetry breaking.
Model building in particle physics and cosmology. 
Black hole complementarity and the information paradox. 
Properties of holographic entanglement entropy and mutual information. 
Black Holes, holography and emergent spacetime. 
Thermalization and dissipation in holographic setups. 

Other applications of the gauge/gravity correspondence.