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Date:  June 22, 2020
RICOH Email Message  -  You may receive an email from Ricoh asking for a meter read;  please disregard.  Ricoh is aware that we are in a Work From Home situation and the University is closed.  This message is an automated response that they are unable to delete.  We will catch up with any usages once the University is open and we are back on campus.  Please contact the Purchasing Manager at x58781 with any further questions.
Date:  May 15, 2020 (rev. May 27, 2020)
Warehouse Direct is our Pre-Qualified Supplier for Office Supplies - please continue to place orders with them during the COVID-19 pandemic and work from home.  Speak to your Administrative Assistant or whomever normally orders the office supplies for you and your department. They will contact Customer Service to override campus delivery address with your remote working location.  http://warehousedirect.com/
Date:  April 30, 2020
All non-essential and non-COVID related orders are being suspended immediately.
For computer, monitor or peripheral needs please see the ITS page:  https://www.luc.edu/its/dms/equipmentloan/browseourequipment/extendedloan
Equipment requests can be sent to:  digitalmediaservices@luc.edu
Date: June 17, 2019
ThermoFisher Scientific: Bovine Serum Album (BSA) Recall Notification
Click ThermoFisher Scientific Notice for the formal announcement from ThermoFisher Scientific regarding important information relating to certain BSA packaged in 2018 and early 2019.

Date: November 29, 2018
Printing Arts offers Print On Demand (POD) LUC Holiday Cards!
Login to the POD website at http://rpacreativeaccess.com/lucprint/Login.aspx to place your order.  Instructions for returning users or to set up a new account, please reference the following instructions:  Holiday Card POD Instructions.
If you have any questions, please contact Doug Still, Printing Arts, at 708-938-1600.

Date:  October 22, 2018
Procurement Services is Hosting Promotional Product Vendor Fairs to introduce Warehouse Direct to the University community.  Various suppliers will be showcasing their product offerings and will be available for all of you to discuss each of your departmental promotional product needs.  In addition, each attendee will have the ability to provide Procurement Services valuable insight into their product needs and make recommendations as to which products should be considered for inclusion in the online ordering system.  Once implemented, the online ordering system will include many of the product recommendations that will ultimately help streamline the order and fulfillment process while ensuring cost control and brand integrity. 
The product shows will be held at the following dates, times and locations.  Attendees are free to come and go throughout these times.   Each show will also feature give-aways and raffles!
Lakeshore Campus: November 1, 2018; 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.; Damen Center, Sr. Jean Room
Water Tower Campus: November 15, 2018; 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.; Lewis Tower, Regents Hall 16th Floor 
Health Sciences Campus: December 11, 2018; 10:00 a.m. – Noon; SSOM, Suite 150 
Please feel free to forward this message to anyone interested.  For questions or more information please contact: Calvin Lyons,  at 312-915-8787 or clyons6@luc.edu.  We hope to see you there!

Date:  September 26, 2018
Procurement Services, in partnership with University Marketing and Communications, is pleased to announce Warehouse Direct as the new Pre-Qualified Supplier of Promotional Products (limited to those products that are not for resale).  Under this new relationship, the University will establish a formal process for the procurement of goods with the Loyola logo.  This new, standardized process will improve our sourcing, ordering and invoice settlement while maintaining new levels of brand integrity.  In addition, this partnership provides the opportunity to evaluate and identify standard items for purchase by all departments to align with product sustainability initiatives.
Over the next couple of weeks, we will be working diligently with Warehouse Direct in the development of the e-commerce platform that will enable you to order standard promotional products.  During this time, we will be identifying departments with high order and spend volumes to help develop this platform.  Once we have completed this process, we will be hosting a formal program introduction session and product show at the three main University campuses.  At that time, departments will have an opportunity to view product offerings from Warehouse Direct and their suppliers, and have the opportunity to identify product options that will be suitable for their needs.  These selections will be considered for inclusion in the standard product catalog in the e-commerce platform.  All products and logos will be fully vetted by Procurement Services and UMC before inclusion in the platform.  Our goal is for all departments with promotional product needs to have a voice in the standard product catalog offerings.
Procurement Services will be setting up the introduction and product show for early November.  Please keep your eyes open for the announcement for the date, time and location coming soon.  In the meantime, should you have any immediate needs for promotional products, please contact Procurement Services and we can facilitate a connection with Warehouse Direct.  Additionally, you can reach out to Warehouse Direct staff directly at the following information:
Laurie Iacono Domin
Print & Promotional Products Manager
Office: 847-631-0359
Cell:  630-890-8820
E-mail: liacono@warehousedirect.com
Amy Enright
Lead Customer Service Representative Promotional Products
Tel: 847-631-7421
E-mail: promotionalproducts@warehousedirect.com
Shawn Erickson
Customer Service Promotional Products
Tel:  847-227-0495
E-mail: promotionalproducts@warehousedirect.com
Christian Velasquez
Customer Service Promotional Products
Tel: 847-631-0354
E-mail: promotionalproducts@warehousedirect.com
Karen Anderson
Customer Service Promotional Products
Tel: 630-561-9224
E-mail: karenanderson@warehousedirect.com
We are extremely excited about this new program and strongly encourage your department to use Warehouse Direct for your promotional product needs.  Attached to this document is a description of the benefits relating to the Pre-Qualified Supplier Program, Brand Integrity and Sustainability.  Should you have any further questions, please let us know.

Toner Purchases - Know All the Facts
Loyola Users should be advised that all toners are not created equal. There have been instances where toner is available through Amazon at a much lower price than that offered by our Pre-Qualified Supplier, Warehouse Direct. Amazon Toners in many cases are compatible to HP Toners – what does this mean? Compatible toners can be used in HP printers, but in many cases, are remanufactured toners. In some instances they use recycled cartridges that are simply filled with ink – the parts (drum, wiper blade, and mag roller) within the cartridge may or may not have been replaced. HP Toner is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) product that meets all specifications of the printer it is intended to be used in.
OEM Toner has the following characteristics that compatible, recycled, less expensive toner, may not have:
  • Provides for the maximum number of copies per cartridge
  • The cartridge itself and all the parts are brand new
  • Should a problem develop with the OEM cartridge purchased from Warehouse Direct, the item can be returned for a full credit or a replacement will be delivered the next day
  • Should it be determined that the cartridge is the cause of damage to your printer, Warehouse Direct will send out a service tech to resolve the problem at no cost.
  • Should the printer be unrepairable, Warehouse Direct will replace it with a new one at no cost.
  • OEM Toner cartridges are post tested before going out into the field.
  • OEM Toner is manufactured for each specific printer model which affects the yield ( amount of pages the cartridge produces before running out of toner)
Cost savings are certainly important, but quality and value added services are critical attributes to consider when making toner purchases.