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Vendor Sustainability

Building a sustainable university can’t be done alone.  Loyola relies on the sustainability efforts of our partners and vendors to meet our goals.  This page provides some summaries of vendor sustainability efforts and links to additional information.  If you would like to suggest additions to this page, please email Sustainability@LUC.edu
Canon Business Process Services, Inc.
Loyola works closely with Canon Business Process Services, Inc. (CBPS) to fulfill our mailroom needs. CBPS was ranked as one of the top 50 outsourcing vendors for demonstrating the "highest green credentials" and for incorporating environmentally-sensitive practices into  their services. In 2010, CBPS has implemented a Green Associate Training Program in order to provide employees with the fundamental knowledge on sustainability issues and how to reduce their environmental impact, as well as the tools to strategically reduce the carbon footprint of their operations.  Click to learn more about the CBPS Green Training.
Loyola works with CDW-G for computer peripherals and supplies. CDW recognizes the need for responsible environmental management and conservation of resources and has demonstrated its commitment to environmental management and principles of sustainable development through its beGreen program. The beGreen program provides coworkers with a platform to reduce, reuse and recycle in an effort to make CDW’s operations leaner, more efficient and more environmentally responsible. CDW is committed to reducing energy demands, managing energy consumption and reducing environmental impact, while realizing economic growth and opportunities. CDW continually works to develop our efficiencies, waste reduction and comply with ISO 14001 standards. https://www.cdw.com/content/cdw/en/about/overview.html
Coke-Cola Vending Services 
Loyola has partnered with Coke Cola for our beverage vending needs.  Coke has a significant commitment to sustainability through energy smart vending equipment, highly efficient delivery routes and support for international water issues. https://www.coca-colacompany.com/sustainability
Elara Engineering
Behind the scenes of Loyola’s sustainability efforts is an incredibly compelling story of energy conservation.  A complete redevelopment of heating and cooling strategies for the Lake Shore and Health Sciences Campuses have reduced energy and saved money for Loyola.  In partnership with architects and other engineers, Elara has created innovative buildings including the Information Commons and Cuneo Hall. http://www.elaraengineering.com/
Hand Cut Foods
Loyola works with Hand Cut Foods for food service and catering at the Health Sciences Campus.  Hand Cut has a deep commitment to good, local food preparing everything from scratch and sourcing responsibly from local farmers and producers. https://handcutfoods.com/
Loyola works closely with Grainger to support our sustainability efforts.  From energy and waste audits to green product suggestions, Grainger has helped us advance our sustainability agenda and save money.  https://www.grainger.com/content/green-resources
Loyola works with Jostens for graduation products and regalia. Jostens offers sustainable solutions in commencement regalia, sustainable packaging, and product development. https://www.jostens.com/misc/aboutus/sustainability/sustainability_cp_products.html
Loyola works with Rework for our furniture and furnishings. Rework is a business built on sustainability, and their approach to reuse helps make sustainable spaces for Loyola. Since 1993 Rework has been repurposing, refurbishing and refreshing office furniture and "Greening-Up" workplaces all across the country. https://rework-furniture.com/pages/commitment-to-sustainability
Smithereen Pest Management Services
Loyola works with Smithereen for all our pest control services. Smithereen uses Integrated Pest Management approaches to pest issues to increase safety, effectiveness, and long-term sustainability. https://www.smithereen.com/about/
Solomon Cordwell Buenz Architects 
Loyola has invested almost $1 Billion dollars in redesigning our three main campuses and SCB has been a terrific partner in providing vision and expertise in high-performing buildings that create a healthy environment for learning. Some of the highlights of our green buildings include the Information Commons, Cuneo Hall, Niehoff School of Nursing and the Institute of Environmental Sustainability.  http://www.scb.com/ 
Warehouse Direct 
With office purchasing happening at many levels across the university, Loyola relies on Warehouse Direct to provide sustainable options.  Whether its recycled content materials, Energy Star certified equipment or compostable products, we work with Warehouse Direct to identify opportunities for sustainable office products. http://www.warehousedirect.com/