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Procurement Services Contacts:

Ben Smigielski
Associate Vice President Strategic Financial Planning
E-mail: bsmigie@luc.edu
Phone: 312.915.8723 
Calvin Lyons
Director of Purchasing
E-mail: clyons6@luc.edu
Phone: 312.915.8787
Geraldine Lechantre
Purchasing Manager
E-mail: glechantre@luc.edu
Phone: 312.915.8781


Purchasing Staff (including WTC, LSC, HSD, Cuneo and LUREC):

Robin Schultz
E-mail: rschul3@luc.edu
Phone: 312.915.8786
Lourie Fuentes
E-mail: lfuentes2@luc.edu
Phone: 312.915.8783
Chris Calderaro
Email: ccalde1@luc.edu
Phone:  312.915.8789
Jessica Grzyb
E-mail: jgrzyb@luc.edu
Phone: 312.915.57673
Victoria Andrade
Purchasing Assistant
E-mail: vandrade1@luc.edu
Phone: 312.915.8790

To obtain general support please call 312.915.8780 or send an e-mail to purchasing@luc.edu.


Procurement Card Administration Contacts: 

Card lost or stolen contact PNC Customer Service at 800.685.4039 (24 hours, 7 days a week)

Questions about the program, vendor card acceptance or transaction posting:

Martin Rivera
Senior Financial Auditor
Procurement Card
E-Mail: ProCard-Admin@luc.edu
Phone: 312.915.8785
Megan Pedersen
ProCard Administrator/
Sr. Financial Services Rep
Procurement Card
Email: mpedersen@luc.edu
Phone: 312.915.8750

Printing Services 

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