Loyola University Chicago


Purchase Cooperatives

Loyola University Chicago Purchasing Cooperatives Program

Purchasing Cooperatives are independent organizations which represent groups of universities and coordinate multi-university contracts with vendors realizing substantial discounts due to the volume being negotiated.
Loyola University Chicago belongs to two different Purchasing Cooperatives:
1.  Educational & Institutional Cooperative
Since 1934, Educational & Institutional Cooperative Service, Inc. [a not-for-profit buying cooperative established by members of the National Association of Educational Procurement (NAEP)] has provided the advantages of collaboration and strategic sourcing, including aggregated purchasing power, regional and national contracts at the best possible value, and member driven competitive solicitation processes.

E&I Cooperative Purchasing, in collaboration with the purchasing community and NAEP, strives to be the primary conduit for inter-collegiate group purchasing activities by aggregating knowledge, spend and technology to lower costs for its Member Institutions and Business Partners.
For a list of Participating Purchase Cooperative Vendors, please visit our Preferred Supplier Directory.
2.  Jesuit University Purchasing Cooperative
ePlus Technology, inc. and the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities (AJCU), a national voluntary service organization whose mission is to serve its 28 member institutions have created a buying consortium for IT purchases.
ePlus offers negotiated pricing based on the combined spend of all participating AJCU member institutions through OneSource IT. The free portal for ePlus customers simplifies the procurement process and enables organizations to reduce the overall cost of acquiring IT products and services. With OneSource IT, participating consortium customers can:
  • Easily search for and source IT assets from the extensive ePlus catalog
  • Simplify and automate procurement and workflow to reduce errors and costs
  • Make optimal purchasing decisions based on real-time product price and availability from 500,000+ products across multiple warehouses
Through the buying consortium, member institutions make purchases independently and have access to their own personalized OneSource IT portal, including individual purchase history, order details, terms, billing, processes, and more—with access to AJCU consortium shared pricing rules.