Loyola University Chicago


Mission Statement

The LUC Purchasing Department (Purchasing) is dedicated to providing the best possible, highest quality service to all of our constituents, both internal and external.  Purchasing works to create an environment that enhances productivity while providing varying levels of opportunity and ensuring a high quality of service relative to the competent procurement of goods and services.
Purchasing is dedicated to providing and managing for our customers the most effective and efficient procurement processes and procedures for the acquisition of quality goods and services in support of the Loyola University Chicago's mission and goals. Primary consideration is to provide the best possible quality goods and services to our constituents with the price being secondary to quality.
Purchasing is "service oriented" to support campus buyers and users with the best procurement, negotiation, financial and informational resources; and to provide qualified suppliers/service providers/vendors with open and fair access to campus business. 
  1. Maximize customer satisfaction through effective and cooperative relationships with our internal and external customers. The federal government is one of PD’s customers and every effort will be made to ensure that federal procurement requirements are effectively followed.
  2. Maximize cost containment, acquisition savings and revenue generation potential.
  3. Provide campus education and training relating to the policies, procedures, automated systems operation, processes and regulations related to the acquisition of products and services.
  4. Promote a positive, efficient and effective work environment.
  5. Implement, promote and maintain sound business practices and auditable procedures.
  6. Ascertain that all leases are evaluated in terms of cost versus buy. When acquisition is the best financial outcome, coordinate internal financing with the University Treasurer.
  7. Expand the scope of the purchasing function assuring that all departments are following purchasing policies and procedures in an effective manner.
Purchasing accomplishes all goals through exceptional customer service, the development of innovative processes, the selective use of emerging technologies, training and educational opportunities, and the development and implementation of sound business practices and auditable procedures. 
Purchasing’s responsibility in strategic planning is to develop its goals, strategies, and plans to support the University’s core mission of expanding knowledge in the service of humanity through learning, justice and faith.  Purchasing will focus internal resources to become a key sourcing solution and provide professional negotiation expertise resulting in improved efficiencies that all constituents can then use reallocate new capacities to further strengthen their departments, programs and initiatives.