Marketing involves the creation, communication, delivery, and exchange of value, involving multiple stakeholders, such as customers, businesses, non-profits, the environment and society. From an Instagram influencer’s posts to a vendor in an open market—marketing shapes our everyday lives.

The BBA in Marketing degree program at the Quinlan School of Business concentrates on developing difference-makers who value diversity, equity, inclusion, sustainability, and ethics in the aim to use marketing as a force for good in society.

You may also want to consider the Marketing minor or Sustainability Management minor.

Program Highlights

  • Through the combination of theory and practice, and the use of experiential collaborations with business and non-profit partners in the local and global communities, case studies, and research projects, students learn to apply marketing principles.
  • Through the integration of digital technologies, analytics, AI, data-driven research, insights and communication, students apply both the science and art of marketing to strategic problems in business and society.
  • Marketing faculty bring to the fore issues of social justice, sustainability, cultural competency, and ethics in the curriculum to foster values-based leaders and transformative learning.
  • Students may also take business and marketing courses that offer an international focus at various campuses and/or university partnerships across the globe.

What You'll Learn

  • Principles and fundamentals of the various forms of marketing
  • Why and how consumers behave in an increasingly dynamic and global landscape
  • How to effectively use research techniques to investigate consumer, market, social, and environmental issues
  • How to develop marketing strategies, including the formulation of all elements of a marketing plan
  • How to understand and ethically apply digital tools, AI and analytics
  • How to incorporate social justice and a stakeholder approach in marketing decisions
  • Field-specific knowledge and skills in branding, consumer insights, digital marketing, integrated marketing communications, marketing research, services, and sales


  • Account coordinator or manager
  • Brand/product manager
  • Content marketer
  • Data analyst or database marketer
  • Digital marketing specialist
  • Marketing research analyst
  • Marketing coordinator or manager 
  • Media or account planner
  • Social media manager
  • Salesperson, fundraiser, and business development manager

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All Quinlan School of Business students must complete the University Core Curriculum, Business Core Curriculum, and Undergraduate School of Business program requirements. Students pursuing the BBA degree in Marketing must also complete the program requirements listed in the Academic Catalog.


To apply for admission and scholarship consideration, please visit the Office of Undergraduate Admission and indicate your interest in this program on your application. For more information, see the following resources:

Tuition and Financial Aid

The Loyola Quinlan School of Business is committed to helping students secure the necessary financial resources to make their business education at Loyola affordable.