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Here you will find all public documents of the Student Government of Loyola Chicago from previous years: passed/failed legislation, voting tallies, meeting minutes, etc.

For any questions regarding the Archive, please contact Chief of Staff, Salvatore Carfagno at scarfagno@luc.edu

Passed Legislation

Fall 2017 - Spring 2018

Funding of the Resource Magnets Act

To provide necessary funds for promoting on-campus resources for students

Office Hours Removal Act

 Removes Office Hours from Articles

The Agenda Reconfiguration Act

 Clarifies the configuration of the Agenda

American Sign Language Resolution

 Establishes American Sign Language Class

Committee Clarification Act

 Clarifies Committee Guidelines and Rules

Referendum Guideline Act

 Gives guidelines to the creation of referendums

Tobacco Free Committee Creation

 Explains the creation of the Tobacco Free Committee

Agendas & Senate Minutes

August 2015
August 25, 2015 Senate Minutes
September 2015

September 8, 2015 Senate Minutes

September 15, 2015 Senate Minutes

September 22, 2015 Senate Minutes

September 29, 2015 Senate Minutes

October 2015

October 13, 2015 Senate Agenda

10.20.15 Senate Minutes | SGLC Agenda 10.20.15

10.27.15 Senate Minutes | SGLC Agenda 10.27.15

Committee Reports

SGLC Committee Reports 10.25.15

SGLC Committee Reports 11.01.15

SGLC Committee Reports 11.15 New.pdf

SGLC Committee Reports 11.22.15.pdf

SGLC Committee Reports 01.25.16

SGLC Committee Reports 1.31.16.pdf

SGLC Committee Report 02.7.16.pdf

SGLC Committee Reports 2.14.16.pdf

SGLC Committee Reports 2.21.16.pdf

SGLC Committee Reports 2.29.16.pdf

SGLC Committee Reports 3.28.16 (1).pdf

November 2015

11.03.15 Senate Minutes

11.10.15 Senate Minutes Revised | SGLC Agenda 11.10.15

11.17.15 Senate Minutes | SLGC Agenda 11.17.15

December 2015

12.1.15 Senate Minutes | SGLC Agenda 12.1.15

January 2016

01.19.16 Senate Minutes

February 2016

2.2.16 Senate Minutes

SGLC Agenda 2.9

2.16.16 Senate Meeting | 2.16.16 part 2 Senate Meeting | SGLC Agenda 2.16

2.23.16 Senates Minutes | SGLC Agenda 2.22 

March 2016

SGLC Agenda 3.1.pdf | 3.1.16 Senate Minutes.pdf

SGLC Agenda 3.15.pdf | 3.15.16 Senate Minutes.pdf

3.22.16 Senate Minutes.pdf

SGLC Agenda 3.29.pdf

Passed Legislation

Spring 2016

Food Recovery Network Supply Act

To provide necessary funds for the upcoming Food Recovery Network events and ensure that immediate costs for food recovery runs are covered.

Fall 2015
Demonstration Policy Legislation Contains suggested amendments to the Demonstration Policy
2015-2016 SGLC Budget Entails the Budget for SGLC during the 2015-2016 Academic year
2015-2016 Articles of Governance Explains rules, regulations and guidelines SGLC will abide by.

Passed Legislation

Spring 2014
The 2014-2015 Budget of the USGA Establishes the budget for the USGA 2014-2015 term.
The Off-Campus Student Inclusion Amendment Changes the name of the Res. Life & Dining Committee to the Residents, Commuters, & Dining Committee.
Executive Committee Amendments Refines the responsibilities of the Executive Branch members.
The Internal Elections Reform Amendment Changes the procedure of USGA Internal Elections.
The Voting Records Amendment Mandates that Senate voting records be made public.
The Zero Waste Game Measure A measure for USGA to sponsor the 2nd annual Zero Waste Men's Basketball game.
The Internal Appointment Reform Amendment Modifies the way internal appointments are operated.
The Elections Code Edits Amendment Updates the Election Codes in the Articles of Governance to allow printing funds for candidates and campaigning in new building on campus.
Articles of Governance Adoption Adopts the newly constructed Articles of Governance as the USGA's primary governing documents.


Fall 2013
The Developmental Disabilities Awareness Day Act An act for USGA to sponsor and participate in Developmental disABILITIES Awareness Day.
The Elections Board Revision Act Clarifies the construction of the Elections Board within governing documents.
The Elections Board Tabling Act Requires the Election Board to table during active Fall and Spring elections to promote student voting.
Course Syllabi Resolution A resolution calling for all course syllabi to be posted for viewing by the student body before registering for classes. An organized proposal can be viewed here.

Passed Legislation

Upheld Executive Orders and Legislation of Spring 2013
2.11.13 The Loyola University Chicago Posting Policy Resolution States the USGA advocates for ways to improve university posting policies and more help from the LUC administration to promote RSO events. The Loyola University Chicago Posting Policy Resolution
2.4.13 The Judicial Board Report Amendment Changes the Judicial Board's reporting process to provide clarity and an appropriate procedure for the Chief Justice.  The Judicial Board Report Amendment
2.4.13 The Clarity in the Allocations Process Act Sets a precedent for decisions made by the Allocation committee regarding the Student Activities Fund. The Clarity in the Allocations Process Act


Upheld Executive Orders and Legislation of Fall 2012
12.5.12 The Ethical Standards Amendment Comprehensively inserts internal ethical conduct rules and requirements into the USGA governing documents. The Ethical Standards Amendment Majority Opinion
12.5.12 The Green Initiative Fund Resolution Supports the creation of a resolution on the Spring 2013 ballot to gauge student interest in a Green Initiative Fund. The Green Initiative Fund Resolution Majority Opinion
11.29.12 The Endorsement of the Chief Diversity Officer Proposal Resolution Endorses the creation of a Chief Diversity Officer at Loyola. The Endorsement of the Chief Diversity Officer Proposal Majority Opinion
11.28.12 The Preponderance of the Evidence Standard Amendment Sets a standard for censure cases reviewed by the Judicial Board.  The Preponderance of the Evidence Standard Amendment Majority Opinion
10.3.12 Ignation Leadership and Jesuit Spirituality Supports the creation of an Ignation Leadership and Jesuit Spirituality course. Ignatian Leadership and Jesuit Spirituality Act Majority Opinion
8.26.12 Executive Order 18

Creates the position of Chief Sustainability Officer.

Executive Order 18 Majority Opinion