Loyola University Chicago

Student Government of Loyola Chicago

Current Members

Executive Branch
Kathleen Meis President
Mario Guerrero Vice President
Madelynne Drescher  Speaker of the Senate
Salvatore Carfagno Chief of Staff
Rosa Maria Noriega  Chief Financial Officer
Eric DeBold Chief Sustainability Officer
Taylor Thomas Chief Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Officer
Carlos Martinez Chief Communications Officer
Aurora Nelson Associate Communications Officer
Jacque Stefanic Associate Communications Officer
Rhea Prag Secretary | Auxiliary
Adonia Barbiere Attorney General | Auxiliary
Angelo Villazana Arrupe College Student Liaison | Ex-Officio


Judicial Branch
Sophia Kostiuk Chief Justice
Mackenzie Lanham | Chief Justice Pro Temp

Associate Justices

Martin Flores
Melanie Zuniga 
Tyler Pavesich


Legislative Branch
Madelynne Drescher Speaker of the Senate
Andrew McAllister  Academic Affairs (Chair)
Isabella Gross | Speaker Pro Temp Academic Affairs Committee
Sophie Yano
Tina Yang
Niki Safakas Allocations (Chair)
Alexander Gianeschi Allocations Committee
Christopher Rodenbaugh
Ella Doyle
Mofe Ogunsola
Azaan Khan Facilities and Transportation (Chair)
Audrey Carberry Facilities and Transportation Committee
Javier Ayala Goncalvez
Kaleigh O'Brien
Roshandeep Singh 
Sophia Alvarez Justice (Chair)
Claudia Tait Justice Committee
Dorien Perry-Tullman
Jocelyn Esparza
Joe Walsh
N'Dea Jefferson Residents, Commuters, and Dinning (Chair)
Brandon Guloy-Finklea Residents, Commuters, and Dinning Committe
Kathryn Grace Caputo
Margaret Bronec
Nabhan Rafiq
Raheyma Siddiqui Safety and Wellness (Chair)
Diana Valladares Safety and Wellness Committee
Marissa Gibson
Noah Akins
Rachel Schmid