Loyola University Chicago

Student Government of Loyola Chicago

Current Members

Executive Branch 

Hannah KwakPresident 
Mereya RiopedreVice President
Alexandra Brist Speaker of the Senate
Natalia Yarbrough Chief Operations Officer
Michael O‚ÄôReilly Attorney General
Mackenzie Warnock Chief of Staff
Kathryn Caputo Chief Communications Officer
Paige Gutierrez Associate Communications Officer
Hannah Denaer Associate Communications Officer
Giselle HernandezChief Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Officer
Japani Doan Associate Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Officer
Luke Schmidt Chief Financial Officer 
Ria TrehanChief Health and Wellness Officer
Cosette Ellis Chief Sustainability Officer

Judicial Branch 

Ella Doyle Chief Justice
Nehal Kaur Associate Justice
Nana Sam-Brew Associate Justice
Kylie TerpeningAssociate Justice

Legislative Branch 

Hannah Yun Campus Life and Operations (Chair)
Adnan AldaasCampus Life and Operations
Jenna PhillipsCampus Life and Operations
Erin TylutkiCampus Life and Operations
Swetha Chandrasekar Academic Affairs (Chair)
Joseph KosmanAcademic Affairs 
Khalid HamdanAcademic Affairs
Ella BeauleauAcademic Affairs
Kathryn CantrellAllocations (Chair)
Farheen SaiyedAllocations
Daniel WilliamsAllocations 
Nicholas ParkerAllocations
Stefanie FloresJustice (Chair)
Daniel RobbinsJustice
Sophie BuchmanJustice
Lindsey ElliotJustice
Colette BenoitSafety and Wellness (Chair)
Benjamin BryanSafety and Wellness 
Kayla MkandawireSafety and Wellness 
Najiya ShahzadSafety and Wellness
Andi BeaudouinSustainability (Chair)
Michael ClausenSustainability 
Haaziya SaiyedSustainability