Loyola University Chicago

Student Government of Loyola Chicago

Previous Members

Executive Branch
Anusha Mannam President
Adriana Caballero Vice President
 Sophie Yano  Speaker of the Senate
 Susana Gomez (Fall 2018) 
 Sal Carfagno (Spring 2019)
 Chief of Staff
 Kenzie Prince  Chief Communications Officer
 Claire Chickey  Associate Communications Officer
 Aurora Nelson (Fall 2018)  Associate Communications Officer
 Jaycie Weathers  Chief Sustainability Officer
 Nick Zielinski  Chief Financial Officer 
Justin Hopp  Secretary
Ben Franc Attorney General
Taylor Thomas Chief Student Equity, Diversity, Inclusion Officer 


Judicial Branch
Joe Tawfic Chief Justice
Taha Din Associate Justices

Tyler Pavesich
Andrew Bucholz


Legislative Branch
Sophie Yano Speaker of the Senate
Gabrielle Robinson Academic Affairs (Chair)
Alejandro Serrano Academic Affairs Committee

Ariana Vanna
David Lopez Allocations (Chair)
Sajid Ahmed Allocations Committee

Hamid Bazaraa
Daniela Espinoza
Christopher Rodenbaugh
Erin Maley Facilities and Transportation Chair
Lily Hummel Facilities and Transportation Committee

Conor McGuire
Aleena Ahmed Justice (Chair)
Mario Guerrero Justice Committee

Max Mifsud
Zoa Glab
Caila Anderson
Madelynne Drescher Residence Hall and Dining (Chair)
Ahmed Abuhasna Residence Hall and Dining Committee

Teresa Mooney
Omar Zahra
Jordan Henderson Safety and Wellness (Chair)
Raheyma Siddiqui Safety and Wellness Committee

Andrew Taylor
Executive Branch
Kathleen Meirs President
Mario Guerrero Vice President
Sal Carfagno  Chief of Staff
Carlos Martinez  Chief Communications Officer
Jacque Stefanic  Associate Communications Officer
Aurora Nelson (Fall 2019)  Associate Communications Officer
Eric DeBold (Fall 2019)
Isabelle Abbott (Spring 2020)
 Chief Sustainability Officer
Rosa Maria Noriega  Chief Financial Officer 
Taylor Thomas Chief Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Officer
Rhea Prag Secretary
Adonia Barbier Attorney General
Arrupe College Liaison Angelo Villazana


Judicial Branch
Mackenzie Lanham Chief Justice
Martin Flores Associate Justices

Tyler Pavesich
Melanie Zuniga
Jake Palmer



Legislative Branch
Maddie Drescher Speaker of the Senate
Andrew McCallister Academic Affairs (Chair)
Sophie Yano Academic Affairs Committee

Isabella Gross
Tina Yang 
Niki Safakas Allocations (Chair)
Alexander Gianeschi Allocations Committee

Christopher Rodenbaugh (Fall 2019)
Ella Doyle
Mofe Ogunsola
Azaan Khan (Fall 2019)
Audrey Carberry (Spring 2020)
Facilities and Transportation Chair
Audrey Carberry (Fall 2019) Facilities and Transportation Committee

Azaa Khan (Spring 2020)
Javier Ayala Goncalvez 
Kaleigh O'Brien 
Sophia Alvarez (Fall 2019)
Dorien Perry-Tillman (Spring 2020)
Justice (Chair)
Claudia Tait (Fall 2019) Justice Committee

Jocelyn Esparza
Joe Walsh
Dorien Perry-Tillman (Fall 2019)
N'Dea Jefferson Residence Hall and Dining (Chair)
Brandon Guloy-Frinklea (Fall 2019) Residence Hall and Dining Committee

Kathryn Grace Caputo
Nabhan Rafiq
Margaret Bronec (Fall 2019)
Raheyman Siddiqui Safety and Wellness (Chair)
Diana Valladares Safety and Wellness Committee

Marissa Gibson
Noah Akins 
Rachel Schmid (Fall 2019)