Loyola University Chicago

School of Social Work


5-Year MSW Program

‌The MSW program requires the completion of 49 credit hours and two internships. The first internship is 400 hours and is completed during the senior year. The second internship is 600 hours and is completed during the fifth year. Students will begin the MSW program as juniors while still paying undergraduate tuition.

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Students who have completed SOWK 205, SOWK 361, or any 700-level courses as an undergraduate can count up to two of these courses as MSW electives. Students must have earned a grade of B or better for these courses to transfer.

During the fifth year, students will select one of the specializations offered in the MSW program. Students will also choose a track. See the links below for more information about the specializations and tracks.

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5-year MSW Micro Practice Specialization

5-year MSW LMMP Specialization


Note: All BSW students must submit an application for the five-year program in their senior year.