Loyola University Chicago

School of Social Work


Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)

Fieldwork is an integral and essential component of the BSW degree curriculum. BSW students must complete a minimum of 400 supervised hours of field experience in order to complete the program requirement.

Getting Started with Fieldwork

  • Students must have satisfactorily completed or anticipate completion of SOWK 200, 201 or 307, 305, 370, and 350 prior to the fall of their senior year in order to participate in the application process for the internship. Ordinarily, the one-year internship is designed as a two-semester (SOWK 330 and SOWK 340), two full days each week, 400 hours.
  • The application to field must be completed in SONIA, which is the School of Social Work's internship platform. The SONIA internship platform will provide students with a list of potential field sites.
  • The field courses (SOWK 330 & SOWK 340) must each be passed with a grade of "C" or above. If a student receives a grade below "C" in either course, both field courses must be repeated at another field site.

Fieldwork Courses

SOWK 330 (200 hours experience—3.5 credit hours) is the BSW student's first formal fieldwork experience taken in the senior year. An application form found on SONIA, the School of Social Work's internship platform, is the first step in this important process. The students will share their background, experiences and areas of interest; however, the internship itself may not necessarily be located in the student's area of interest. Internships are highly competitive as students may be competing against other Loyola students as well as students from other programs and/or universities.

Information about the internship application process, requirements and deadlines are noted in the BSW internship application.

SOWK 340 (200 hours experience—3.5 credit hours) is the second half of the BSW fieldwork experience. This experience is a continuation of the SOWK 330 internship.

SOWK 362 (1 credit hour) is always taken in conjunction with SOWK 330. The focus of this course is upon experiences and progress of the student in the first semester of field and the relationship of the field experience to specific foundation/generalist practice class content.

Internship Coordinator

Rachael Persin