Loyola University Chicago

Division of Student Development

Student: Madeline Lewis

Majors: Psychology & Criminal Justice
Started LUC: 2012

I come from the one and only Seattle Washington.

I have spent half my life in Seattle and half my life in Chicago so who knows where I’ll end up after college.

Outside the classroom I am involved with two on campus organizations as well as an on campus job at Student Activities and Greek Affairs. I’ve been involved in Colleges Against Cancer (the organization responsible for putting on Relay for Life each year at Loyola) and Phi Sigma Sigma, since the beginning of freshman year. This upcoming year I will actually be participating on the executive boards for both CAC and Phi Sigma Sigma.

The view of the lake from the IC! Doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, it’s always beautiful! Or just walking across campus and always being able to run into someone I know.

I contribute to the Loyola Community in general by participating in organizations on campus. I’ve taken up leadership positions in those organizations and do what I can through that leadership to leave a positive impact on the Loyola Community.

Through my sorority each semester we participate in some sort of community serve whether it is locally within Roger’s Park or just the greater area of Chicago. For example last fall we all volunteered at the Chicago Marathon and had such a good time helping out we signed up for it again this year. We have also made cards for children who are in the hospital during a holiday, just as a way to let them know we are thinking of them! There’s a lot more ways we as Phi Sigma Sigma and I personally interact with my surrounding communities but those two are my favorite.

To me, justice is simply the reflection of respect for all people through one’s actions.

I didn’t know anything about the Jesuits until I started high school at a Jesuit Preparatory school. Not only did the Jesuit education shape my high school experience but it also led me to Loyola University Chicago because of the Jesuit connection. In general, the Jesuit education has shaped the way I look at and reflect on nearly all my experiences.

My favorite place on campus is the comfy chairs in the IC facing the lake because no matter how much homework or studying I have to do, sitting there looking at that view always makes it a bit more enjoyable. My favorite place in all of Chicago is definitely the Bean and Millennium Park because of all the people you will find there.

My advice would be to get as involved on campus as soon as you can, starting freshman year because the longer you wait the less likely you will join and try new things. You’ll never regret getting more involved on campus!