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Want to work on organization, time management, notetaking, exam preparation, goal-setting, or other academic skills? Come to Success Coaching!

In a FREE Success Coach meeting, you can get organized, set goals, identify areas for growth, and create a customized plan for success. 

**Success Coaching appointments are held on Lake Shore Campus.  Students who cannot come to LSC, including students at WTC, HSD, or online, can request Zoom appointments by e-mailing Sam Siner at ssiner@luc.edu

Learn more about the Success Coaches below.

How to sign up for Success Coaching

You can sign up for Success Coaching appointments directly through TutorTrac:

  • Log in with your UVID and password
  • Click “Search Availability”, then select "Success Coaching" as the Center
  • Click "Search" and select an appointment time
  • Enable “texting reminders” and click Save

Questions? E-mail Sam Siner, Assistant Director of Learning and Student Success, at ssiner@luc.edu

Meet the Success Coaches! 

Ryan Renee (Ryan is just fine!)


Hometown: I am from Homewood-Flossmoor, a south suburb about 30 miles out from campus

Degree Program: MEd/EdS in School Psychology

Professionally, I'm really passionate about the equal access to and effectivity of student resources and services insofar as educational and extracurricular funding, especially when it comes to the Arts. I had the privilege of attending a high school that prioritized creative arts in conjunction to your typical core curriculum, and it had a huge impact on how I live my life now; thus, I would really love to be a part of making as many opportunities to get involved in these ventures available as possible!

I'm a big TV buff. My current favorite genres are Children's (a la Disney and Pixar) and superhero (Marvel over DC) as far as movies are concerned; for TV, I really like competition shows, especially cooking ones, documentaries and mockumentaries based upon crime. 

Fun Fact: While attending undergrad at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, I participated in a spoken-word, music, and poetry organization where I was primarily a poet for four years. I'm not a rapper, though some of my favorites are hometown hero Chancellor Bennett, Jermaine Cole, and Childish Gambino.  

Brittany Sova


Hometown: Naperville, IL (Western Suburb of Chicago)

Degree Program: MEd/EdS in School Psychology

Hello Everyone! My name is Brittany.  I am a second year graduate student at Loyola studying school psychology. As you can see above, I grew up in the Chicago area. For people who are new to Chicago, please try a Chicago style hot dog from Portillos.  This is highly debated, but I believe Giordano’s has the best pizza in Chicago.

Before realizing I am a foodie, I have always known that I have loved helping others and loved studying the field of psychology. I graduated from Clarke University (Dubuque, Iowa) with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. I was a 4-year Collegiate Athlete at Clarke University. I played soccer there and still play soccer today in an adult co-ed league. I learned the importance of time-management and keeping my priorities in order by being a student athlete. I look forward to helping others navigate undergraduate life as a Success Coach!

Fun Fact: I have lived in Colombia (yes, the place where Sofia Vergara and Shakira are from) as well as New York City!

Robyn McNaughton


Hometown: Chicago, IL

Degree Program: MEd School and Community Counseling

I graduated from University of Dayton with a BA in Psychology and Women’s and Gender Studies, and am in my second year of my master’s program here at LUC.  Professionally I am interested in working with adolescents in a school setting.  I am passionate about setting students up for success and empowering them to reach their own goals.  Outside of work/ academics I enjoy hiking, camping, rock climbing, and watching the food network. 

Fun Fact: Beyoncé and I briefly held hands at one of her concerts while she was performing.

Carlee Bettler


Hometown: South Elgin, IL

Degree Program: 5th Year MS in Bioinformatics

Hi all! I graduated from Loyola last spring with a BS in Bioinformatics, a BS in Biology, and a BA in French. I worked as a Loyola tutor in a variety of subjects for the past two years, which made me realize I love working with Loyola students and helping people with diverse goals and learning styles achieve success. I’m upbeat and easygoing, and I enjoy finding ways to make seemingly difficult tasks more interesting and less daunting. During the past four years I studied abroad twice and had two internships, so I’m excited to help students interested in pursuing avenues for success outside the classroom.  For fun I like going to concerts, vegan cooking/baking, playing piano, longboarding, yoga, studying languages, playing with my cats, and exploring the Chicago restaurant scene. 

Fun Fact: Thanks to a friend at a major airline, I got to fly standby for a few months and had the opportunity to visit Tokyo, Frankfurt (Germany), Toronto, Honolulu, and Brussels over the course of one semester. Feel free to hit me up if you're interested in vacation advice!

Sam Lopez

Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Degree Program: MEd/EdS in School Psychology

Hi! I graduated from Grand Valley State University with a B.S in Psychology and a minor in Political Science and I am in my second year of my master’s program here at Loyola! Professionally I am really passionate about fostering academic, social, and emotional growth among students through mentorship and other activities as I worked for an afterschool program for at-risk youth for 3 years. Outside of academics and work I enjoy being a foodie, watching marvel/DC movies, hammocking, being outside, listening to music and hanging out with friends and family.

Fun Fact: I did karate growing up!

Shaina Wright


Hometown: I'm from Westchester (suburbs of NYC), and I lived in Brooklyn for 6 years before moving to Chicago!

Degree Program: EdS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Hi everyone! I'm in the second year of my master's program in counseling here at Loyola. I have always loved working with students - I started volunteering and working as a tutor as a high school student, and I've kept it up in one way or another ever since! I really enjoy helping people figure out challenging topics, and finding ways to break down intimidating assignments so that they can tackle them with confidence. Professionally, I'm really passionate about ensuring that all students have the opportunity to succeed - not just academically, but in figuring out their larger goals and learning the skills they need to reach them. I'm always upbeat and positive, and I love to find ways to keep things fun. Outside of work and school, I play and coach roller derby with the Windy City Rollers, so I definitely understand the challenges of balancing coursework with the rest of a very full schedule! I also really love dumb comedies and action movies, cooking, watching weird sports competitions on ESPN2, netflix binges, eating lots of donuts with my husband, and just chilling out by  the lake whenever there's nice weather. 

Fun Fact: I have a pet hedgehog named Hercules! (His derby name is Alexander Boopleton).

Destiny K. Mitchell


Hometown: Chicago, IL.

Degree Program: MEd in Cultural and Educational Policy

Hello new friends! After completing a B.S. in Multimedia Journalism (and a gap year in Texas/Louisiana) I decided to pursue a Masters of Social Justice here at LUC. Before I even walked the stage in my commencement ceremony, I began preparing to begin a MEd in Cultural and Educational Policy (CEPS). After over seven years of studying in Higher Education you could say I’m somewhat of a professional student. Vocationally, however, I desire to work as an advocate in the field of Education. I think everyone should feel the way I’ve always felt in school -- validated, encouraged, and enriched -- and am excited to help my fellow peers navigate the incredible, weird, incredibly weird world of college life.

In my spare time I enjoy eating my weight in Ethiopian food, picking up new hobbies, acting, writing, sleeping, and checking my bank statements (I’m a Virgo).

Fun Fact: I was cast to be on a reality TV Dating Show -- a spinoff of The Bachelor franchise in fact -- but was replaced hours before shooting with a Bachelor/Bachelor in Paradise alum. In retrospect, I’m glad that I did not get engaged to a stranger on national television.