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"The path to knowledge need not be traveled alone"

‌Research shows that students learn more and remember information longer when they actively engage in their own learning.  One of the best ways to do this is to work in groups.  When you and your peers begin asking each other questions, thinking through solutions together, and hearing answers to questions you hadn’t even thought of, you learn better.  That's why our various tutoring programs are popular...and effective.

Group tutoring is available during fall, spring, and summer semesters primarily for 100 and 200 level undergraduate courses.

Please note the Tutoring Center does not offer tutoring for graduate level courses or provide writing assistance. Please visit our colleagues in the LUC Writing Center for assistance.

Peer Tutoring‌‌

Peer tutoring consists of small groups of up to 8 students led by an undergrad peer tutor. The classes sponsored through peer tutoring are often historically difficult. Appointments are required for all group tutoring and must be made 12 hours in advance.

The following courses are sponsored by Group Tutoring:


BIOL 111

BIOL 202/ PSYC 202

ENVS 203/ 207/ 223/ 274/ 275 & UCSF 137

GNUR 160/294

Math 161/ 162/ 263/ 264

NEUR 101

PSYC 304

STAT 103

BIOL 112

ENGR 321 (may be covered by SI)

ENVS 203/ 207/ 223/ 274/ 275 & UCSF 137

GNUR 238/ 297

Math 161/ 162/ 263/ 264

NEUR 101

PHIL 130/181/182/190/274

PSYC 304

STAT 103

BIOL 101/102

CHEM 101/102/ 223/ 224

Math 117/118/ 131/132/161/162

PHYS 111/112

Business Course Group Tutoring (fall and spring):

  • ACCT 201/202
  • ECON 201/202
  • INFS 247
  • ISSCM 241
  • FINC 301/334

Tutoring for business courses are located at both the Lake Shore Campus and Water Tower Campus:

  • Lake Shore Campus: Tutoring Center, Sullivan Center, Suite 245 
  • Water Tower Campus: Lewis Towers, 12th floor, Room 1241

Language Group Tutoring (fall and spring):

In collaboration with the Language Learning Resource Center (LLRC), language tutors are available to assist students in developing language skills. Tutoring sessions are held at the LLRC located in Crown Center room 208 for various languages. Appointments are required. 

  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Polish
  • Spanish

To make a Peer Tutoring appointment, follow the directions below:

  • Login to TutorTrac 
  • Use your LUC username/password to login
  • Click “Search Availability”
  • Select CENTER as “Tutoring Center”
  • Select SECTION as your course
  • Select REASON as “Group Tutoring”
  • Then click “SEARCH”
  • Select the date/time of the appointment and you are good to go! 

Commonly Asked Questions

Who would be in your tutoring group?

  • Up to 8 students per group within the same course (e.g. STAT 103) 
  • Sessions led by a trained peer tutor

What if my class is not sponsored by group tutoring?

If your course is not currently supported by SI or group tutoring, there needs to be at least 3 students in a course (e.g. SOCL 101) who need assistance and are currently enrolled in the course. If you have tutoring needs and there is not yet a tutoring group set up, please contact Jessie LaChance,Coordinator of Peer Tutoring at jlachance1@luc.edu and she will send you a form to complete. When at least 3 students have indicated they need tutoring in the same class, a tutoring group will be created and a tutor assigned. Students are able to partake in 1-hour of group tutoring per subject per week. 

Do you offer 1:1 tutoring?

We offer 1:1 peer tutoring opportunities for ACE Scholars, students registered with Student Accessibility Center and receive tutoring as part of their accommodations, and student athletes. If you follow into one of these communities, you may request 1:1 peer tutoring. 

Getting the Most Out of Tutoring

  • Request tutoring early in the semester (if we do not already sponsor the course)
  • Group members can be added throughout the semester as requests are made
  • Come to every tutoring session on time
  • Attend class, take notes, and do your homework outside of your tutoring time--small group tutoring is a supplemental academic support, not a substitute for doing your own work
  • Bring your book, notes, and questions to the tutoring sessions