Clubs, Activities, and Organizations


Many students choose to get involved in one, or more, of our more than 300 registered student organizations. They're a great way to meet new people, develop relationships with professional staff members, and gain invaluable leadership experience. Check out the full listing of all our registered student organizations online.

Visit LUCommunity to browse the selection of active students clubs and registered student organziations. 

Academic/Honorary Activities and membership center on a particular academic or collegiate course of study or curriculum; organizations which select members on the basis of achievement in a particular academic discipline.
Cultural/Diversity Activities and membership center on a particular ethnic or cultural group.
Hobby/Special Interest Activities and membership center on a particular hobby and/or special interest area.
GreekLife Sorority & Fraternity Life at Loyola Univeristy Chicago offers students the opportunity to get involved in a community dedicated to scholarship, service, leadership and unity. 
Media Student-operated publications which publish on a regular basis.
Overnight Retreats Loyola's Retreat and Ecology Campus provides a serene setting for overnight retreats allowing studentss to connect intellectually, spiritually, and through nature.
Political/Advocacy Organizations affiliated with local and/or national political bodies; activities and membership center on interest in a particular social issue or concern.
Recreation/Fitness  The Department of Campus Recreation connects student with organized and informal fitness activities and several recreational facilities.
Religious/Spiritual Organizations grounded in religious/spiritual beliefs with the primary goal of facilitating spiritual growth and creating community.
Service Organizations grounded in the Loyola University culture of service through volunteer and/or service projects.
Sports - Club Sports / Intramural Sports

Club sports offer college athlete the ability to compete with other colleges and universities, but without the time commitment generally required for sports governed by the NCAA. 

Intramural Sports - organized in either tournament or league style games , these games are played in the Halas Recreation Center, Gentile Arena, on Sean Earl Field, or on the West Quad.