Loyola University Chicago

Achieving College Excellence

Student Academic Services

Statement of Solidarity

As a program that is a direct result of the civil rights movement, Achieving College Excellence offers this statement of solidarity to our community of diverse scholars, alumni, and community members in response to a multitude of recent events that have changed the world.

The diverse community that ACE serves is a fine example of students from all backgrounds coming together for their collective common goals of supporting each other in their educational endeavors, future professional careers, community contributions, and serving as responsible neighbors and allies to each other during both positive and tumultuous times.  We are living during incredibly tumultuous times and never before has collective fellowship, considerate outreach, and consistent solidarity ever been so crucial.  I encourage you to check in on a former mentee, classmate, or someone who you haven’t spoken to much in ACE.  Now is a wonderful time to build bonds and friendships - both continued and new.

The many movements that exist within the ACE community are significant and a true reminder that we live in a world that needs us more than ever.  In a country in which First Nation-Native people were once 100% of the population that eventually dwindled down to 1-2% is problematic.  In a country in which stolen and enslaved Black people were brutalized to ignite a world economy to then be persecuted throughout their history as Americans is problematic.  Until we collectively talk and understand the depths of these troubling pillars, we will never find true healing.

When it is inconvenient, when it is calm, when it is confusing, and when it is tumultuous, we need to use our freedom of speech to stand up for all who have experienced the many isms such as racism, classism, ableism, sexism, antisemitism, and phobias such as homophobia and xenophobia that have affected so many lives.  The second you turn your head from discrimination affecting one group, the quicker that discrimination will potentially find a home on your own doorstep.

ACE stands with:

  • Black community members who struggle to be seen, heard, and allowed to live free of brutality, discrimination, and prejudice
  • Latinx, Latina/o community members who struggle with their status and voting rights, children in governmental custody, and the disregard and rewriting of their history and contributions
  • Native American community members who struggle with the continued theft of their resources, land, rights, voice, and space
  • Asian American community members who struggle with continued backlash and xenophobia regarding covid-19
  • Muslim American community members who struggle with continued religious persecution and Islamophobia
  • LGBTQIA community members who struggle for equality including family recognition and rights, employment discrimination, and gender equality
  • Differently abled community members who struggle with access to services, housing, employment, recognition, and opportunities
  • Female identified community members who suffer from sexism in the workplace and community due to patriarchy, misogynistic practices, and pay inequality
  • International citizens who struggle with anti-democratic regimes disregarding human rights
  • Community members who struggle with their citizenship status, DACA status, and mixed-status households and families
  • Community members who struggle from environmental injustice affecting air quality, food, and water supply and security
  • Community members who struggle from health disparities in a for-profit healthcare system
  • Community members who struggle with understanding, tending to, or using their civic engagement responsibilities as they exist within a Democratic framework
  • Community members living within movements that the world will never know of or understand

We see you, stand with you, and will speak up for you with fortitude.