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Not sure what CLC is all about and want more information? See our Instagram story highlights to meet the leaders and learn more about the groups! 

Here is a tentative day/time schedule of open smalll groups for the Spring of 2021 

Social Justice CLC
Leaders: Tasia Rusco & Emily Wirtz
Time: 5pm

Rise & Shine CLC
Leaders: Sarah LaVanway & Tia Calvert
Time: 7pm

First Year Women’s CLC 
Leaders: Meghan Adams & Maggie Guidici 
Time: 6pm 

Quinlan CLC
Leaders: Aidan Gregory & Grace Prado
Time: TBD based on availability of members 

Hearts on Fire CLC
Leaders: Mary Mulcahey & Olivia McClure
Time: 7pm

Journey CLC (coming January 2021)
Leaders:Ava Borrego & Sarah Sukanen 
Time: 7pm

Polish CLC
Leaders: Greta Kurzynski & Stephanie Dal

Arrupe College CLC
Leaders: Dominic Chai, SJ & Monica Mascola

Grace & Growth CLC
Leaders: Georgia Burnstein & Emma Geiser
Time: 6pm

Green CLC
Leader: Mitchell Deligio
Time: 4:30

Filipino CLC
Leaders: AJ Panganiban & Calista Jose
Time: 8pm

Christian Men's CLC
Leader: Mitchell Stephens
Time: 5pm

Spanglish CLC
Leaders: Aliete Diaz-Valls & Danilo Mendoza, SJ
Time: 12pm 

Leaders:Phoebe Carstens & Philip Nahlik, SJ
Time: 6:30pm