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Frequently Asked Questions

While we often use scripture in CLC, it is not a traditional Bible Study. Faith Sharing, as the name indicates, is more about sharing different parts of our life and our relationship with God with each other and less about a scholarly reading of the Bible. Sometimes we use Scripture but often we use other kinds of prayers, art, meditation, and other acitivities. If you are interested in Bible study we would recommend being in touch with our friends from Agape/Ecclesia - you can contact our friend Alex Schorr at aschorr@luc.edu

One thing we have elearned is that small groups work pretty well on Zoom! Some CLC small groups will continue to meet via Zoom while others will have some kind of hybrid format and others might choose to meet entirely in person - a lot of it depends on the needs and availability of each group.

CLC small groups meet every week that classes are in session September-May and most last about 60-90 minutes. Days and times vary and most students are able to find a group meeting that fits their schedule. There are a number of large group gatherings sprinkled in throughout the year that are optional for all CLC members. Many CLC small groups continue from year to year-some end up being together all four years they are at Loyola!

Students can join at the beginning of each semester. Please find CLC on LUCommunity and follow us on Instagram @clcluc for specifics on how to sign up and when! Interested students will be able to rank which CLC they want to join (often based on interest in the theme AND if they are available when it meets) and will be notified of placement after everyone has been matched with a group.

Some of our affinity CLC small groups include Spanglish, LGBTQ+, Green/Environmental, Filipino and Honors-it really depends on the interests of the student leaders and the needs of the students! Some (but not all) CLC small groups are themed-many are general and open to anyone who is interested.

Each year about 300-350 students participate in CLC-that includes the small group leaders, Jesuit Scholastics and staff leaders.

Yes! We are Christian Life Community NOT Christian Life Communities. While much of what we do is in a small group setting, we also have large group gatherings, game nights, prayer opportunities, service projects, retreats and more! Rest assured, there is plenty to do and you will have the opportunity to get to know people in and outside of your small group.

No, you don’t have to identify as Christian, but students should be open to exploring faith from a Christian perspective with an Ignatian lens. College is a great opportunity to explore your faith, values and what you believe and we are excited and honored to walk that journey with you.

We ask that you make your CLC small group a commitment each week-showing up each week is essential to building trust and community in your group! We also understand that “life happens” and are understanding if you have to miss a meeting once or twice during the semester. If you foresee more than 2 or 3 absences, it is probably best to have a conversation with us about if this is the best time to join. Similarly, if you try it and don’t like it, we want to have a conversation with you about what didn’t work.

Please email clc@luc.edu or contact Aleja Sastoque Luna, Faith Formation Campus Minister, at vsastoqueluna@luc.edu. The best way to stay up to date on deadlines and events is to follow us on Instagram @clcluc.