Current Members

Philip Arnold – Anthropology (By-laws and Curriculum Committees )

Gerald Buldak – Biology (Curriculum Committee)

Meghan Condon  – Political Science (By-laws Committee)

Brian Cannon – Physics (Elections Committee)

John Donoghue – History

Raymond H. Dye, Jr. – Interdisciplinary Programs (Curriculum Committee)

Jona Goldschmidt – Criminal Justice and Criminology (At-large representative; Co-Chairperson of AC)

Ronald Greenberg – Computer Science (By-laws Committee)

James Harrington – Philosophy (Curriculum Committee)

Joseph Janangelo – English (Elections Committee)

Charles Jurgensmeier, S.J. – Fine and Performing Arts

Dan Killelea – Chemistry and Biochemistry (at-large representative) (By-laws Committee)

Dali Liu – Chemistry and Biochemistry (Curriculum Committee)

Jacqueline Long – Assoc. Dean Academic Affairs, CAS

Frederick Lowe – Fine and Performing Arts (at-large representative) (Curriculum Committee)

John Makowski – Classical Studies

Cristian Paredes – Sociology (Elections Committee)

Michael Perry – Mathematics and Statistics (Curriculum Committee)

Fr. Thomas Regan, S.J. – Dean, CAS

Maribeth Rezey – Criminal Justice & Criminology

Pat Rupert—Psychology (Elections Committee)

Carla Simonini – Modern languages and Literatures (Curriculum Committee)

Gaj Sivandran – Engineering Science

Layla Suleiman-Gonzalez– Interdisciplinary Programs (Curriculum Committee)

Geoff Swindells – Associate Dean, University Libraries, Lakeshore Campus

Fr. Thomas Tobin, S.J. – Theology (By-laws and Elections Committees)

Elfriede Wedam – Sociology (at-large representative) (Elections Committee)

TBA — Student Government