Current Members

CAS Dean's Office

Dean - Peter J. Schraeder 
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs & International Initiatives - Jacqueline Long 

Department Representatives

Anthropology - Thea Strand (Curriculum Committee)
Biology - Michael Burns (Curriculum Committee)
Chemistry and Biochemistry - Joerg Zimmerman (Curriculum Committee)
Classical Studies - James Townshend (By-laws Committee)
Computer Science - Ronald Greenberg (By-laws Committee)
Criminal Justice & Criminology - Zhandarka Kurti
Engineering - Chad Johnston (AC Chairperson)
English - Joseph Janangelo (Elections Committee)
Fine and Performing Arts - Mark Lococo
History - Brad Hunt
Mathematics and Statistics - 
Military Science - Captain Andrew J. Toaddy
Modern Languages and Literatures - David Beltran (Online Instruction Committee)
Philosophy - Seyed Mousavian ((Elections Committee)
Physics - Brian Cannon (Elections Committee)
Political Science - Jay Kao (Online Instruction Committee)
Psychology - Toby Dye (Curriculum Committee)
Sociology - Maria Akchurin (Elections Committee)
Theology - Tom Wetzel (By-laws Committee)

Student Government of Loyola Chicago - Academic Affairs Committee

Swetha Chandrasekar
Joseph "Zasha" Kosman

University Libraries, LSC - 

Interdisciplinary Programs Representatives

Italian American Studies - Carla Simonini (Curriculum Committee)
Polish Studies - Bozena McLees 
Polish Studies - John Merchant (Curriculum Committee)

At-large Representatives

Chemistry and Biochemistry - Zachary Osner
Chemistry and Biochemistry - Polina Pine (Online Instruction Committee)
Mathematics and Statistics - Alla Podolny
Philosophy - Joshua Mendelsohn (Elections Committee)