Loyola University Chicago

Department of Fine and Performing Arts

DFPA Courses

Please visit the pages below to explore courses for Dance, Fine Arts, Music, and Theatre.

To see the College of Arts and Sciences Double-Dipping Policy, click here.

Core Curriculum Courses

Many courses offered by the DFPA count towards core curriculum credit in Artistic Knowledge and Experience as well as the area of Engaged Learning. 

Course Rotations

It is important to note that while many courses are offered every semester, more advanced classes are offered less frequently- often once a year, or even every two years. Rotations are subject to change. See your advisor or the director for the most current information.

Course Reserve Caps

Many of our classes have enrollment caps. These caps ensure that our majors and minors, including any declared incoming freshmen, are able to enroll in the classes they need to complete their degree. 

If you are trying to enroll in order to complete your Core or elective requirements, please check back once all enrollment is complete for any spaces that may be left.

If you are a DFPA student and feel the cap is an error, please contact the program director and appeal for an override.