Loyola University Chicago

Department of Fine and Performing Arts

Our Spaces

Mundelein Center Regular Building Hours

7:00am - 10:00pm:  Monday - Friday
    7:00am - 6:00pm (Campus Safety unlocks/locks the doors)
    6:00pm - 10:00pm (Loyola ID swipe access)
7:00am - 10:00pm:  Saturday & Sunday (Loyola ID swipe access)

Ralph Arnold Annex Regular Building Hours

7:00am - 10:00pm:  Monday - Sunday (Loyola ID swipe access)

Access to classrooms occurs in a variety of different ways:  Campus Safety unlocks and locks most classrooms according to regular building hours; access to some classrooms is automatically granted to students that are enrolled in particular courses or are declared DFPA majors or minors via the proximity (prox) card readers; and some classrooms are unlocked and locked by faculty members if they contain materials or equipment that require supervision.


If a student attempts to access a space (during regular building hours) but finds the building or the room locked, they can call Campus safety at 773.508.6039. The student should inform Campus Safety that they are registered in a class that requires access to the space, and campus safety should then come and let them into the space or remotely grant access to the space. The student must have their University ID with them when using campus spaces.


In the event that there is a student that doesn’t have access or who is having trouble accessing a room with their ID, it is recommended that they send an email to the DFPA Main Office outlining which room they tried to access and when so that their access parameters can be examined to make sure there isn’t something wrong. The DFPA main office has the ability to see student access in the MAXXESS system (prox card) and to add access for students to any room that the DFPA controls. Students that continue to experience trouble can stop by the main office on the twelfth floor, during normal business hours (M-F, 8:30am–5pm) to remedy the situation.

All faculty with a University ID can access our buildings 24 hours a day, any day of the week. However, if they are planning on being in the building past regular building hours on a regular basis they are encouraged to notify the main office and Campus Safety so that they are aware of these activities and do not send officers over unnecessarily to investigate an entry outside of building hours. If faculty members are approached or challenged by Campus Safety, they should explain that they are a member of the Department of Fine and Performing Arts and show their University ID.

Generally, regular building hours are sufficient for use of the facilities, but arrangements can also be made for students to be granted access afterhours, meaning outside of regular building hours, if they have the support of a faculty member. These arrangements need to be coordinated ahead of time and may not always be granted.

If a faculty member needs to arrange access for a student outside of the regular building hours, it is requested that they send an email at least 72 hours in advance of the activity in order for the main office to have time to communicate with campus safety and seek the necessary approvals

During academic breaks the building hours are reduced. Unless there are specific University-supported events scheduled, all academic buildings during any break are reduced and generally lock around 6pm. If there are any events running later than 6pm, the building stays open for that event. DFPA administration regularly communicates with campus safety regarding access needed for DFPA events.

All academic buildings are CLOSED for official University holidays, staff does not report for work and there is a limited number of essential Campus Safety personnel on campus. Students, unless accompanied by a faculty member, will not be able to access studio and classroom spaces during University holidays.

It is recommended that faculty note these adjustments to building access in their syllabi so that students do not assume they will have the same access to spaces during academic breaks and University holidays.

Anyone who is on a building swipe access list for afterhours still has access whether the afterhours starts at 11pm (regular building hours) or 6pm (reduced hours). Should it be absolutely necessary for a student to access studio space when the University buildings are closed, a faculty member must be present.

Any additional questions or concerns can be directed to the DFPA Main Office.