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The DFPA Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee convened in Fall, 2020 as a DFPA DEI Task Force, created initially in response to the catalyst of national events in the summer of 2020.  Later that year, the committee served to administer and respond to the Racial Justice Examen undertaken by Loyola University Chicago in 2020/21.  The committee met weekly through the 2020-21 school year, and has continued the practice in 2021-22, hoping to widen its focus to include definitions of Diversity and Inclusion that apply to all—in terms of race, religion, gender, orientation, disability, etc.  The distinctive nature of the study of Dance, Fine Arts, Music and Theatre often places such issues at the front of our concerns, and we hope to provide an active forum to communicate, respond and advocate.  To that end, we offer this page as a location to post information about our activities, invitations to participate and resources we encounter that might be of interest to the community. 


Committee Members

Lisa Armstrong, M.F.A. Lecturer of Fine Arts in Visual Communication larmstrong@luc.edu
April Browning, M.B.A. Managing Director, Producer of Public Programming abrowni@luc.edu 
Sarah Cullen-Fuller, B.F.A. Lecturer of Dance scullen@luc.edu 
Kelly Howe, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Theatre khowe2@luc.edu 
Mark E. Lococo, Ph.D. Chair of DFPA mlococo@luc.edu
Jennifer Martin, M.B.A. Director of Public Programming jmart22@luc.edu 
Betsy Odom, M.F.A. Advanced Lecturer of Fine Arts in Sculpture and 3D Design eodom1@luc.edu 



There was a total of 75 student participants surveyed across the four divisions of the Department of Fine and Performing Arts during the Spring 2021 semester. Of those 75, 35% (27) were from Fine Arts, 33% (26) from Theatre, 27% (21) from Dance, and 5% (4) from Music. 35% (26) identified as Seniors, 29% (22) were Sophomores, 24% (18) were Juniors, and 12% (9) were Freshmen.

The 75 students surveyed appear to have a firm understanding of anti-racism and anti-racist initiatives and a sense of belonging in the DFPA. They also expressed feeling comfortable navigating situations of marginalization, microaggressions, or oppression with their peers.

Responses were divided on whether anti-racism was a high priority for the DFPA, and most respondents expressed either not being comfortable or were unsure how to indicate to DFPA faculty or staff their concerns about situations of injustice. There was also uncertainty about whether disability accessibility was a high priority for the DFPA, indicating that work is still to be done in these areas.


DFPA Form for Ideas, Suggestions, and Questions Related to Divesity, Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice 

The DFPA Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee has developed a form where any member of the department community (students, staff, or faculty) can offer ideas, suggestions, questions, and other feedback regarding how our department can continue and enhance its work to enact the values of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice. Students, please note that you do not have to be a major or minor to submit something through this form; you could also be a student registered in a DFPA course, someone participating in a DFPA production, or an attendee of our public programming.

You might ask: What subjects fall under the umbrella of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice? Basically, you could give feedback here about anything that might contribute to how we can enhance our work toward making this department an environment where all participants have a positive educational experience, have equal opportunity to flourish, and feel sincerely valued for precisely who they are. We seek your suggestions about how we can keep striving to cultivate a positive, just, and affirming space, one where oppressions related to any of the following categories or aspects of identity and experience are dismantled: race, gender, sexuality, class, ethnicity, language, religious affiliation, age, political affiliation, health status (physical, mental, emotional, etc.), body, disability, injury, birthplace, citizenship status, veteran status, etc.

You can find the DFPA Form for Ideas, Suggestions, and Questions Related to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice HERE.


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