Loyola University Chicago

Department of Fine and Performing Arts

Request Forms

Office/Classroom Equipment Request Form

  • Faculty and staff only
  • Request equipment needed for classrooms.
  • Please submit a new form for EACH item needed. Keep in mind that your requests, after submitted, will be reviewed by the chair and the Advisory Committee.

Complimentary Ticket Request Form

  • Faculty and staff only
  • Request tickets for all DFPA ticketed programming

Guest Artist Payment Request Form

  • Faculty and staff only 
  • Request payment for guest artists who are either Loyola employees or non-employees.
  • Processing time is between 4-6 weeks.

Key and Swipe Card Access Form

  • Faculty and staff only
  • Request for access to DFPA spaces, whether by key or by prox card/swipe.
  • Please submit completed request forms two weeks in advance of anticipated delivery.

Office/Classroom Supply Request Form

  • Faculty and staff only
  • Request office supplies for faculty and staff offices.
  • Please be specific in terms of item and details.

Office Hours Form

  • Faculty and staff only
  • Enter office hours as a resource to provide to your students

Final Exam Room Reservation Form

  • Faculty only
  • Complete this form if your class has an exam/class presetations during finals week and spae is needed to host your exam/presentations

Professional Development Request Form

  • Primarily intended for full-time faculty, but staff and part-time faculty are welcome to submit requests
  • Request funding for professional development and travel opportunities. 
  • Please note that Faculty development funds are competitive and limited.
  • There is an annual call for proposals each April for projects for the upcoming year academic year.
  • Proposals are due May 15th for any opportunity occurring from June of the current year to May of the next year.
  • If you are awarded Professional Development Funds, you will also need to complete the Faculty Reimbursement Worksheet (JUNE 2017)when submitting any related receipts.

CBA-Mandated NTT Professional Development Fund

  • Primarily intended for CAS unionized faculty members (CBA17.1) (full- and part-time) who are no longer in the probationary phase of their employment (CBA 25.7)
  • Fund is administered by the Collage of Arts and Sciences
  • Applicants are eligible for up to $600 in funding per year to underwrite expenses associated, for example, with attendance to conferences, seminars, and workshops as well as engagement in pedagogically related professional development activities.
  • Membership fees for professional associations are not considered for reimbursement.
  • Proposals are accepted on a rolling basis, until funds are exhausted.
  • See application for details and instructions

Service Requests (Lakeshore Campus)

  • Primarily intended for faculty and staff
  • File a service request for facility issues or repairs
  • Priority is given to life safety
  • If you feel your work request should receive immediate attention, please contact 773.508.2100

Website Requests

Biography and Headshot Submission Form

  • Faculty and staff only
  • New faculty and staff can submit biographies and headshots to be added to DFPA faculty and staff website pages.
  • Current faculty and staff can submit updates to the biographies and headshots as needed.
  • Updates are made on a rolling basis.

Website Edit Request Form

  • Faculty and staff only
  • Request changes in the form of: correcting typos, updating outdated information, and bringing awareness to broken links.

Marketing & Communications

M&C Item Submission Form

  • Open to faculty, staff, current students of the DFPA, or alumni
  • For items such as award nominations, publications, solo/group exhibitions, panel discussions, reviews, publications, and theatre productions.
  • Items may be published on DFPA websites, social media channels, Sakai, email blasts, or internal listservs, depending on the nature of item.
  • All news and announcements submitted are subject to approval and may be edited for style and clarity. Submission does not guarantee publication.
  • Outside or third-party submissions are not accepted