Loyola University Chicago

Department of Fine and Performing Arts

Student Employment


The Department of Fine and Performing Arts employs roughly 100 students annually to support our academic and programmatic operations. We are the largest student employer in the College of Arts and Sciences. In many ways we are a sophisticated Multi-Disciplinary Arts Organization and we need the talents and energies of many students to keep all of our productions, exhibitions and studio spaces operational.

If you are a student interested in employment in the DFPA, please check Handshake to see if there are any open positions.

If you are a DFPA Supervisor, please use the DFPA Student Employment Application to submit your hiring requests. Student Employee Managers are a valuable group of people in the supervision, development, and co-education of Student Employees. Loyola provides numerous resources for Student Supervisors.

  • DFPA Student Worker Handbook(click to download PDF)
    • Helpful resource for all student workers in the DFPA
    • Includes department contact information and policies
  • Direct Deposit
    • To set up direct deposit for your paycheck, please fill out this form and submit it to your direct supervisor for approval. Generally, it takes up to two pay periods for the direct deposit process to be finalized.
    • If your bank information changes or you need to stop direct deposit, please contact your direct supervisor.
  • EPAF
    • Electronic personnel action form
  • Kronos
    • KRONOS is Loyola's online timecard portal. Employees can log hours, vacation/personal/sick days, and check time-off accruals. 
    • Kronos FAQs
  • Handshake
    • Site with on-campus employment opportunities for current students and alumni
  • Manual Timecards
    • In the event that you have missed a deadline or do not have access to Kronos yet, please complete and sign this form
    • Submit this timecard to your direct supervisor for approval and signature.
  • Student Employment Form
    • Supervisor access only
    • Use this form to submit new student worker information for employment in the DFPA
  • Student Employee Evaluation Form
    • Use this form to help facilitate a conversation between a student employee and the supervising manager regarding the student's performance