Loyola University Chicago


Department of Fine and Performing Arts

Musical Theatre Courses for Theatre Major

A total of 21 credit hours are required for a minor in Musical Theatre as a Theatre Major. 

Music (5)
Course Number Title Credits
MUSC 107 University Chorus 1
MUSC 144 Music Theory I* 3
MUSC 145 Musicianship Lab I* 1
MUSC 244 Music Theory II* 3
MUSC 245 Musicianship Lab II* 1
*Note: You must take either Musicianship Lab I and Music Theory I OR Musicianship Lab II and Music Theory II.

It is important that you enter the music theory and musicianship course sequence according to your skill level.  If you are unclear about your skill level, contact the director for assistance.  MUSC 144 Music Theory I and MUSC 145 Musicianship Lab I as well as MUSC 244 Music Theory II and MUSC 245 Musicianship Lab II must be taken concurrently.
Applied Courses (4)
Course Number Title Credits
MUSC 280K or 380K Applied Lessons: Voice 1
Dance (8)
Course Number Title Credits
DANC 232 Jazz II 2
Choice of DANC 111, 212, 311, 313 Ballet I, II, III, or IV 2
Choice of DANC 121, 122, 321 Modern I, II, or III 2
Choice of DANC 131, 331 Jazz I or III 2
Choice of DANC 312, 314 Pointework I or II 2
Capstone (4)
Course Number Title Credits
MUSC 374 Musical Theatre Repertory 4