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Production Auditions

General Audition Information

The Department of Fine and Performing Arts holds auditions for actors, singers and dancers for its Mainstage and studet led Second Stage productions throughout the academic year.

On average, the DFPA produces 3-4 Mainstage productions a year and 6-10 Second Stage projects. Depending on the time commitment, students that are cast are enrolled in THTR 323 - Rehearsal and Performance. This one-credit class, in addition to supporting the amount of time a student spends in rehearsals and performances, also serves as part of the applied knowledge in production that theatre majors will receive as part of their graduation requirements.

Incoming freshmen have the opportunity to audition for competitive scholarshipsUsually these auditions are scheduled in the February prior to a student's enrollment in the program.

Current students looking for more information regarding upcoming auditions are encouraged to join the THTR PROGRAM Sakai site. 

Functioning much like the class-specific Sakai spaces, the THTR PROGRAM Sakai is the best place to find any announcements or information regarding upcoming opportunities. Please email dfpamc@luc.edu to be added to the site. Students enrolled in theatre classes are automatically added to the site at the beginning of the semester.

Current students may also join LUC Theatre News on Facebook.


Fall 2021 Mainstage Auditions

The Newhart Family Theatre is our primary venue with 215 seats and a thrust stage. It hosts many of our Mainstage series of productions each year. Typically, these productions are directed by faculty members and have performances scheduled over multiple weeks in the semester.


Polaroid Stories

By Naomi Iizuka
Directed by Lavina Jadhwani

A visceral blend of classical mythology and real life stories told by street kids, Naomi lizuka's POLAROID STORIES journeys into a dangerous world where myth-making fulfills a fierce need for transcendence, where storytelling has the power to transform a reality in which characters' lives are continually threatened, devalued and effaced. Not all the stories these characters tell are true; some are lies, wild yams, clever deceits, baroque fabrications. But whether or not a homeless kid invents an incredible history for himself isn't the point, explains diarist-of-the-street Jim Grimsley. "All these stories and lies add up to something like the truth." Inspired in part by Ovid's Metamorphoses, Iizuka's Polaroid Stories takes place on an abandoned pier on the outermost edge of a city, a way stop for dreamers, dealers and desperadoes, a no-man's land where runaways seek camaraderie, refuge and escape. Serpentine routes from the street to the heart characterize the interactions in this spellbinding tale of young people pushed to society's fringe. Informed, as well, by interviews with young prostitutes and street kids, Polaroid Stories conveys a whirlwind of psychic disturbance, confusion and longing. Like their mythic counterparts, these modem-day mortals are engulfed by needs that burn and consume. Their language mixes poetry and profanity, imbuing the play with lyricism and great theatrical force. 

  • Audition Dates: Monday August 9 and Tuesday August 10 | 6:00pm - 10:00pm via Zoom
  • Audition Form
  • Audition Requirements: Please prepare one monologue from POLAROID STORIES. If you'd like to prepare a 30-60 seconds of singing/playing a song, you are welcome to do so.
  • Audition Sides
  • Callbacks: (if needed) Wednesday, August 11 | 6:00pm - 10:00pm via Zoom
    • The stage manager Gianni Carcagno, gcarcagno@luc.edu, will notify you if you are called back
  • Important Dates:
    • Rehearsals Begin: Monday, August 30
    • Tech: September 23 - September 29
    • Performances:
      • September 30 - October 2 AND October 7 - 9 at 7:30pm
      • October 3 AND October 10 at 2:00pm
      • Performances will be in person at the Newhart Family Theatre and will follow all federal, state, and university COVID-19 guidelines. 
    • This project conflicts with rehearsals for RADIUM GIRLS


Radium Girls

By D.W. Gregory
Directed by Jonathan Wilson

In 1926, radium was a miracle cure, Madame Curie an international celebrity, and luminous watches the latest rage—until the girls who painted them began to fall ill with a mysterious disease. Inspired by a true story, Radium Girls traces the efforts of Grace Fryer, a dial painter, as she fights for her day in court. Her chief adversary is her former employer, Arthur Roeder, an idealistic man who cannot bring himself to believe that the same element that shrinks tumors could have anything to do with the terrifying rash of illnesses among his employees. As the case goes on, however, Grace finds herself battling not just with the U.S. Radium Corporation, but with her own family and friends, who fear that her campaign for justice will backfire. Written with warmth and humor, Radium Girls is a fast-moving, highly theatrical ensemble piece for 9 to 10 actors, who play more than 30 parts—friends, co-workers, lovers, relatives, attorneys, scientists, consumer advocates, and myriad interested bystanders. Called a "powerful" and "engrossing" drama by critics, Radium Girls offers a wry, unflinching look at the peculiarly American obsessions with health, wealth, and the commercialization of science. 

  • Audition Dates: Tuesday, August 31 | 6:00pm - 10:00pm | MUND 125
  • Audition Form
  • Audition Requirements: Please prepare a 2 minute serious monologue for the audition
  • Callbacks: Wednesday, August 31 | 6:00pm - 10:00pm | MUND 125
    • The stage manager Olivia Ash, oash1@luc.edu, will notify you if you are called back
  • Important Dates:
    • Rehearsals Begin: Monday, September 30
    • Tech: October 21 - October 27
    • Performances:
      • October 28 - 30 AND November 4 - 6 at 7:30pm
      • October 31 AND November 7 at 2:00pm
      • Performances will be in person at the Newhart Family Theatre and will follow all federal, state, and university COVID-19 guidelines. 


Fall 2021 Second Stage Projects


Twelve Olympians

Led By Greyson Smith

A series of twelve 10-20 minute devised solo performance pieces written from the perspective of each of the twelve Olympian gods. The ensemble will come together to research solo performance pieces, with the help of a faculty mentor, in order to gain a better understanding of the form and begin developing a cohesive style for the group. A similar process will take place for the gods, with each ensemble member bringing in a piece of classical text or some other documentation of a myth. The ensemble will then collaborate to find the overall plotline or theme of the piece; in this third phase of the project, things like costumes and aesthetics will also be decided. Only then will the ensemble actually decide who will portray which god and begin writing. The writing process will be fairly straightforward, with each student writing a draft, filming a draft video of the performance, and receiving feedback. After the pieces are finalized, the project will conclude with the filming and publishing of each performance to be viewed online as a full evening of theatre.

  • Audition Form
  • Audition Requirements: Please submit a video audition based on the prompt included in the audition form
  • Important Dates:
    • Applications are due:
    • Meetings (Underground Theatre and/or Zoom) Tuesdays 4:30pm - 6:30pm
    • Filming (Underground Theatre): November 29 - December 10
    • Meetings will be in person on Loyola's Lakeshore Campus and will follow all federal, state, and university COVID-19 guidelines. 
  • Casting for this project will occur after RADIUM GIRLS casting is complete.


The Colored Pencil Plays

Led By Sophia Agusta

writing workshop exploring storytelling through the various forms of children’s theatre. Sophia is looking for writers who are willing to share personal stories from their own childhoods, whether they be stories of humor, loss, growth, or learning. It can be a story about the formative experience you had riding a bike for the first time. It can be a story about the billboards you routinely encountered on the way to your grandma’s house. It can be mundane or extraordinary— be prepared to make it theatrical! Don’t be afraid to try different forms of storytelling. Does your story live in a scene, poem, song, or monologue? Can you envision your story to be performed with music, dance, puppets, or elaborate scenic elements? We will be trying out all kinds of adaptations to make your story come to life on stage, so think big! Participants will work on their own pieces throughout the summer, checking in monthly with Sophia and the group to share and critique each other’s work. There will be a several rehearsals in the fall, followed by a reading.  

  • Application
    • The application consists of a writing prompt and a few short questions
  • Important Dates:
    • Applications are due: Monday, June 14
    • Meet once per month over summer via Zoom TBD based on team availability
    • Rehearsals (MUND 125): Wednesdays 4:30pm - 6:30pm, September 15, 22, and 29
    • Final Reading (Newhart Family Theatre): Tuesday, October 5 at 5:00pm
    • Rehearsals and final reading will be in person at Mundelein Center and will follow all federal, state, and university COVID-19 guidelines. 


Women in Theatre Ensemble

Led By Lily Cate Gunther-Canada, Elise Mitchell, and Maegan Pate

Inspired by the community established in Maegan Pate’s Spring ‘21 project It’s All Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus, the Women in Theatre Ensemble is meant to be a safe space for female-identifying theatre makers to create and share their experiences as artists. WIT’s activities this semester will consist of two parts: first, a speaker series where we discuss the experiences of individuals with femme identities in the theatre industry and how to create a more welcoming and inclusive space; second, a devising process through which we will develop and workshop an original play about historic women theatremakers. We are currently looking for actors with femme identities who love a good discussion and the creative process, and who are interested in building an artistic world that is encouraging and welcoming of all.

If you would prefer not to act but are still interested in participating in WIT’s discussions this semester, we intend to open our talks to additional members of the Loyola Theatre Program.

  • Audition Dates: Thursday, September 9 | 4:30pm - 6:30pm | MUND 125
  • Audition Form
  • Audition Requirements: Please prepare a minute-long monologue that speaks to your female identity and be prepared to answer a couple quick questions!
  • Important Dates:
    • This project will meet weekly on Thursdays from 4:30pm - 6:30pm in MUND 125.
    • Meetings will be in person at the Mundelein Center and will follow all federal, state, and university COVID-19 guidelines.


Painting Music

Led By Aman Huda

In theatre, music composition is inspired by an existing plot. What if the plot was inspired by music, instead? In this project, small groups of writers/actors will take inspiration from a musician in their group to write and act a scene. To celebrate our return to campus we will rehearse and perform these scenes outside being accompanied by the beautiful lakefront of Chicago. Participation is open to all current Loyola University Chicago students.

We hope this project is a chance for music and theatre students to connect and create amazing and enjoyable art together!

In this second-stage project, there will be six groups of four. Each group will have one musician who will compose a melody or share an existing melody they have composed (1-2 minutes). Based off of the emotions invoked in the other group members, the remaining three will work together to write a scene for all four group members to perform on stage.

There will be time allotted for four collective rehearsals with all the groups and for four rehearsals in which groups can work individually (though groups can meet more on their own times if they want to).

  • Audition Dates: There are no audition requirements, this is open to all, however spots are limited, so don’t delay, fill out the Audition Form today!
  • Audition Form
  • Important Dates:
    • 5 Full Group Meetings (Outside): Wednesdays 6:30 – 8:00, Sept 1, Sept 8, Sept 15, Sept 22, Sept 28.
    • 5 Independent/small group meetings scheduled weekly based on cast availability.
    • Final presentation (Outside): Saturday October 2
    • Rain Date (Newhart): Monday October 4
    • Meetings will be outdoors and in person on Loyola's Lakeshore Campus and will follow all federal, state, and university COVID-19 guidelines. 
  • This project conflicts with POLAROID STORIES.